Two plays in one performance with the premiere at the Sofia Theater

The plays of Peter Shaffer and Mike Bartlett will meet us with two young and lovely men. Bob of the Four Ears believes in spiritual beauty, seeking in man against himself the marks of dignity, modesty, generosity, love and mercy. Feels that you can't work with a real hush unless you love your job. He thinks it was created for something more meaningful than day-to-day accounts. He knows he can get excited and wants to excite others. Thomas of Humiliation is a "good boy," according to his colleagues. He believes that the meritorious and the powerful will rise, that everyone obeys the rules of fair play, that sincere and transparent relationships will be rewarded, and that "the bad ones will fall in the ditches and the good ones will triumph."


But we would hardly fall in love with them at first sight, we would hardly be friends with them in the office. 


And where can we meet such people today? Our civilization is at sunset, along with it goes the cultured and civilized man. Material has long shifted the spiritual and celebrates its triumph on his grave. Few survivors, like Bob and Thomas, the last guardians of our cultural identity, will soon be assimilated, formatted and reinstalled. A special initiation ritual awaits them, masked behind the principles of equality and competition that our society professes blindly. 

text: Teya Sugareva

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Whether we leave Bob and Thomas alone in this ordeal depends on us and on whether we still have the senses to recognize them as valuable in the ever-changing world of today.


"FOUR EARS" by Peter Shaffer, translated by Cornelia Slavova


Director: Teya Sugareva


Set design and costumes Boris Dalchev


Participants: Vladimir Mateev, Bozhidar Yordanov, Simona Halacheva, Martin Dimitrov, Neda Spasova, Rosen Belov, Mihail Milchev

text: Teya Sugareva

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