In "3 / 4 love" we are not talking about love. In the new poetry collection ed. "Jeanette 45" we read texts by Dimana Yordanova, Dimitar Kenarov, Ivan Landzhev, Lili Yovna, Petar Chukhov, Nadezhda Radulova, Rene Karabash and Georgi Gospodinov. They are not for love but for misunderstood love. For that love that hurts. Not only emotionally, but also physically. About the love that cripples. About the love it takes.


For the past two years, the lives of nearly 60 women in our country have been taken away from the stronger sex, most often by their halves. In their own home, the place that should bring the highest security. A report from 2017 from the European Institute for Gender Equality to the EU indicates that Bulgaria ranks last in the 28 rankings on the index of violence against women. The index includes three main indicators: prevalence, severity and reporting of violence.




Love is a mark on the body
at this
who loves
she says
as I take off my dress


I see -
the scar is not just one
they are a lot
there is enough space
for more.


Peter Chukhov


To you, of course


Then he would not allow
that this too will pass.
She still believed that was exactly what she was doing
is a concise version of the apocalypse.
Special workmanship,
limited edition with the personal writing of the creator,
but no change in personal attitude.


Nothing personal in such indifference.
Nothing personal in a picture like this:
her arms are porcelain with no sign of a hug,
her eyes colorful without a hint of color.


Have you seen how
someone can't stand their feet,
because something eats him to the brain of his bones?
I was not.


Painfully I wanted to tell her about the day,
who comes when everything is gone,
but who would believe
that the end of the world
he will also see his end.


All I had to do was let go
an unimaginable idea in her system.


Like a background song
which slips into the subconscious.
Which you start to unintentionally hum -
very, very early in the day.


This morning I heard her sing
for the first time in a long time.


And even though I've read other people's stories
about what the end of the world looks like,
today I saw firsthand the more important:


how it ends.


Lilia Yovnova

The verse collection is a reaction against the brutal public tolerance for violence we see in our country. A reaction against the notion that it is better to remain silent about what is happening to you. Reaction to the silence of others. A reaction against the humiliation and suffering that victims of violence go through.

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One in four women in Bulgaria is a victim of domestic violence. Therefore, every fourth poem is not about love, but about fear, about pain. But it is through these antipodes of love that we seek courage, strength. Power to change. And a pure and true love - first and foremost, to yourself.

The proceeds from the sale of the poem will go to various associations, foundations and causes related to combating domestic violence. For their project, the publishers say: "We created this book because love should not be confused with violence. Because violence should not be justified with love. Because ¾ love is not love. "


According to Dimana Yordanova words are the only means by which they, the people of the word, can fight for positive change, give strength, save, and therefore send their messages precisely from the white paper.


At you can find out more about the project, about the authors, as well as a toll-free phone for people who have been abused. And we share some of the "black" verses from the thin non-love booklet. They are a signal to all who are on the verge of sacrificing their own freedom and happiness for the other, the abuser, calling it love. A signal to all who have already slipped and fallen from the brink of the abyss of violence that there is always hope!

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With Bulgaria in the heart

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