Skakavitsa Chalet and the team ѝ They are already producing electricity from the sun! The building already has 16 photovoltaic panels, with an area of ​​about 26 square meters and a total generating capacity of 4,96 kWp (kilowatt peak - measures the power of cells, modules, control panels built with photovoltaic modules). They were installed by 8 trainees from Greenpeace Training Bulgaria and the Energy Solutions Center Association for photovoltaic plant installers.


The new cabin equipment will provide electricity for the most important needs: refrigerators, freezers, lighting, communication connections, pellet boiler burners. Apart from the benefit of the hut, it was also installed in order to enrich the students' knowledge with real practical work at the end of the training. It began in the spring by undergoing theoretical training and exercises at the Solar Lab at Bobov Dol Vocational High School and now the final theoretical exam is coming. Graduates will successfully receive a professional qualification in a part of the profession "Photovoltaic Installer".

Mounting photovoltaics at Skakavitsa Chalet © Dennis Todorov / Greenpeace

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Kalin Nachev, one of the students, has been engaged in the reconstruction of power lines, replacement of low voltage networks and repairs of home electrical installations for more than 10 years. He shares that although it is not the first time he has encountered photovoltaic installations to keep track of all the innovations, it takes a lot of practice and is pleased that he has been able to join the course. Kalin adds that he hopes his professional opportunities will increase, as well as with photovoltaics "You can be absolutely energy independent. I do not have such an installation now, but one of my dreams is a small neat little house in a mountainous area with photovoltaics, a small wind generator and a small water turbine. "


Hut The Grasshopper is not small, but it is certainly neat and well-equipped technologically. To the current systems - solar collectors and pellet boilers for water heating, the team of students and trainers from the Energy Solutions Center added the panels that are already in operation.

On a sunny day, the photovoltaic generator will produce up to 20 kWh of electricity. The electricity generated will be used for instantaneous consumption during the day and excess unused electricity will be stored in a battery block that will provide electricity during the dark part of the day. 8 pcs have been added to the system. high-end AGM batteries for deep discharge. They are connected to 48V voltage and can store close to 30 kWh.


Lyubomir Kirilov, also a sophomore, has his own company for the construction of solar and other heating installations for more than 12 years. He says he has learned a lot and hopes to apply this knowledge to his own business.

And why does he start doing this? Shares that years ago "A lot of my clients have been looking for installations of photovoltaic systems for homes up to 5kW." This leads him to grow his business in this direction as well, pointing to the development of technology and a significant drop in end-user prices as a favorable factor. Lubomir himself already plans to install such an installation at home. And speaking of home, his son Bobby is at the hut all the time, helping with the work, and soon, "if he wants, he will take over the family business and develop it."

General photo of students, Greenpeace - Bulgaria, Energy Solutions Center and huts © Dennis Todorov / Greenpeace

The course is part of Greenpeace - Bulgaria's campaign for an energy transition beyond coal. Its focus is on promoting the production of energy from renewable sources - an alternative to polluting fossil fuels such as coal and the involvement of people in this process. That is why the course is organized for people living in the area of ​​Dupnitsa, Bobov Dol and the TPP of the same name "Bobov Dol". - one of the oldest and most polluting installations in the country. Skakavitsa Chalet is the second after Sorrow", Which receives a similar renewable energy system from Greenpeace - Bulgaria and the Energy Solutions Center.


Installation of the photovoltaic hut system Grasshopper only happens a week before the start of the Together for the Climate festival. It will be held on 11, 12 and 13 on October in another coal town - Pernik, where TPP "Respublika" is located. The purpose of the festival is to present possible solutions to the problems related to coal pollution.

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