Ivan Milchev / Rate NLS

The exhibition "Blood Brothers" will be in space from August 7 to 10, and its sales will go to help the treatment of Ivan Milchev (Rate NLS)


Dozens of Bulgarian artists are taking part in a charity exhibition, which aims to help raise funds for the treatment of graffiti artist Ivan Milchev, known as Rate NLS. The exhibition "Blood Brothers" will remain in the space of "KO-OP" (17 Yanko Sakazov Blvd.) from August 7 to 10, inclusive. Some of the biggest names from the graffiti scene will take part in it, including Arsek, Erase, Arno, Ndoe, Nasimo, Esteo, Porn, Brus, Epik, Smokov Tattoo, Petya and Evgeni Evlogievi, Maze, Felon, Bozko, Glow , Xpome, Mouse, and especially for the opening will be joined by DJs from "Dope Zoo".

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Ivan Milchev, who is known on the Bulgarian and world graffiti scene as Rate NLS, was diagnosed with leukemia at the end of 2019. The good news is that the disease is caught at a very early stage and is treatable. However, the treatment process is long and involves financial resources that his friends, colleagues and family want to help him with. "We decided to organize the charity exhibition because we believe that we are strong and strong enough to help one of us at such a time," said Krasen Dimitrov, one of the organizers.


All proceeds from the sold prints will go to support the treatment of Ivan Milchev. In addition to purchasing the works, anyone can help by transferring to a bank account, or leaving an amount in the box for Ivan, which will also be located in "KO-OP" during the exhibition.

For support:


First Investment Bank Bulgaria


Ivan Milchev


IBAN: BG46FINV91501004163183




Given the situation with Covid-19, all necessary security measures will be taken during the exhibition. Only a certain number of people will be allowed in the gallery at the same time, which will be in accordance with the size of the space and the recommendations for keeping a social distance.

art graffiti by Ivan Milchev / Rate NLS

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