Over 20 trees will be planted by children and young people as part of the third edition of the campaign "Thousands of trees for the children of Bulgaria", which is held as an easy and enjoyable game for children. In it, the young people of Bulgaria (as well as their parents and teachers) can win until March 000, 12.03.2017 and then plant over 20 trees, distributed in a minimum of 000 prizes.

This good work is being done by the 77 Foundation through the national initiative "When we become 100 000 we will plant a forest", a pure people-to-people initiative that aims to plant new trees for Bulgaria, with the participation of as many volunteers, children and young people as possible. The initiative has already planted and donated over 170 new trees, and their goal is - millions of new trees for Bulgaria. The trees will be delivered free of charge to any point in Bulgaria, along with support and information on how to plant them properly. The organizers together with their expert partners will select suitable species for the respective settlements. Children and young people in Bulgaria are below 24% of the population, but they are 100% of the future - support, by sharing, let more of them have the opportunity to experience the joy of planting a tree! See more at www.gorata.bg and in The initiative's Facebook page. The full terms of the campaign here. Vote for the kids here.

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