16 young fashion designers studying at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia participated in various events last week from the biggest fashion event in Germany - Berlin Fashion Week. The occasion for the visit was the anniversary exhibition "Fashion 15 + / 15 years specialty" Fashion "at the NHA", which became part of the program and calendar of the Berlin Fashion Week. The exhibition opened at 1 on July 2016 at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Berlin. In addition to the 16 young designers, the special presentation, which included many guests, was also attended by Prof. Maya Bogdanova, Head of the Department of Fashion at the National Academy of Arts, and two of the teachers - Assoc. Prof. Yana Kostadinova and Katerina Tsaneva.

The exhibition remains in Berlin until 1 August. She not only presented the innovative work of students and professors at the National Academy of Arts, but also made a deliberate attempt to attract the interest of a wider, specialized audience to Bulgaria and the Bulgarian fashion scene.
The visit of the exhibition and its inclusion in the program of the Berlin Fashion Week, as well as the intensive accompanying program for the fashion students were realized on the idea and in partnership with the organization "Shar Zhar" of the art manager Rosalina Laskova. During their stay in Berlin, the visiting students and lecturers from the National Academy of Arts visited and exchanged experiences with the two most established universities in Berlin and all over Germany, where fashion design is studied - the Universität der Künste and Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. Our designers also took part in the opening of the exhibition fashion show "Fashion & Migration" of AMD - Academy of Fashion and Design based in 4 German cities.

National Academy of Arts - specialty "Fashion"
Shar Jar - Rosalina Laskova 
The project is co-funded by the Sofia Municipality's 2016 Culture Program, courtesy of Rollmann Fashion and implemented with the support of the Bulgarian-German Student Association in Berin Hash.

Ð ~ Ð · Ñ, Ð ¾ Ñ ‡ Ð ½ Ð ¸ Ð º: National Academy of Arts / http://www.nha.bg

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