When children talk, we adults listen…

Is it always like that, or do we chat on the phones and watch the shows underestimating their words. "Ha… You're just a child, why should I listen to you?" We say to ourselves and continue.

I work with children, with the innermost and purest part of them - their imagination. I have learned to listen, and I already know that disobeying and underestimating the power they carry within them is an extinguishment of their individuality, their spirit and their independence. Teaching art, I see how children with our help can grow into leaders and change the world, or put them in a shell and ruin their lives forever, ignoring their innermost spontaneous nature.

Today I would like to introduce you to a group of changing worlds, albeit at the tender age of 6 - 16. Children worth listening to, who reach the deepest part of our minds. The name of their organization is "Guardians of the Earth."

I have nothing more to say, it's time to listen to her with our minds and hearts! The great minds of the world already hear them, why don't we hear them too?


Photo: Earth Guardians

Photo: Earth Guardians

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