Max / Minimal


It happened. I had to be introduced to a stranger. A colleague of mine hurried to summarize, "She is a maximalist!" And I said, "No, I'm a minimalist!" As a maximalist, I want everything, I try things to the last, it is more difficult to make compromises. As a minimalist, I am for the simple design, the visual silence and the functionality above all else.


Minimalism in YouTube


Along with my favorite channels, I came across bloggers who introduced the ideas of minimalism. Minimalism is not only about quantitative dimensions. It is a way of life. A life focused on the really important things. I share an exclusive one here TED talk on the subject. YouTube videos range from "10 things you need to get rid of" to "Why I gave up the minimalist definition." It turns out that interpretations and actual application vary widely. After all, everyone takes what works for him. In the lines below, I present some ideas that I have come up with about unnecessary items, with an emphasis on environmental release methods.


Thing of the day


Every day I choose something to part with. I have not used and will not use. Many initiates are advised to devote considerable time to cleaning the home and life of unnecessary waste. This will result in a faster and more definitive result. I agree! After that, however, what has to be achieved is maintained daily.


Many roads


The important thing is to follow the direction of "minimalism" or "sustainability" by controlling the build-up. I repeat, this is only one aspect of teaching!


  • I give it to my loved ones.
  • I find unknown new owners (so I did for an old sewing machine and old chairs).
  • I leave on a bench in the lobby of the block.
  • I export in an envelope that I hang on the trash cans - everything in it is clean and tidy (this practice was basic to me before my new discovery - BRC containers).
  • I put in a container of the BRC. The container network is part of the initiative to donate clothes to the Bulgarian Red Cross. 
  • I hand over textiles to recycling in H&M stores.
  • I bring small appliances and batteries in containers for separate collection of IKEA, Kaufland et al.
  • Selling in an online platform.



Five clothes in an envelope. 

Container of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

A careful hand passes on.

White room. Table.

I breathe freely.

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