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Nature can be strong and cruel, but also calm and incredibly beautiful. There are thousands of fabulous places on earth where one can remember that there is no more destructive and invigorating power than that of Mother Nature. Often, people forget that an attitude towards nature, or rather a neglected attitude, leads to catastrophic consequences sooner or later. Juizhaigou National Park is one of the last harbors to protect nature from the harmful effects of human nature. This fabulously beautiful reserve is located in southwestern China, amidst beautiful and pristine nature. It has been included in the UNESCO cultural heritage of 1992 as part of the state's efforts to preserve it for future generations.

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The valley looks like a silent watch over a dozen lakes and waterfalls. On an area of ​​278 square miles, Five Color Lake (Wuhua Hai) is of crystalline water, its depth is 16 feet. As in the tale of Angel Karaliychev, the golden girl about Zlatka, here too the water changes color, which captures the views of visitors to itself - from amber yellow, emerald green, dark jade to light turquoise, all the way to coral. The water does not freeze even in winter, because of the hot mineral spring glowing in its depths, although locals believe that a mythical creature is warming the water in the lake.

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Thanks to well-maintained trails, one can stroll in silence and enjoy the beautiful nature, forgetting at least for a moment the gray and boring everyday life. The name of the lake comes from the understanding of the ancients that its colors resemble a flower garden, in which these 5 basic colors must be present. In China, these lakes are also called haises, which means colored sons.

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Today the lake is home to over 140 species of birds, plants and animals. The National Park is open year-round as an ancient bridge of harmony between man and nature. This place is living proof that in this fast-paced world, anyone wishing to get rid of the urban jungle, if they wish, can find their harbor of tranquility amidst the beauty of nature in this reserve.

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