"The white wind blows, the white wind blows,

mountain beats, shores of roni,

shorelines, snow melts,

snow melts, three rivers flow,

three rivers flowing, three flowering herbs "

"The white wind blows, the white wind blows,

mountain beats, shores of roni,

shorelines, snow melts,

snow melts, three rivers flow,

three rivers flowing, three flowering herbs "

An unwritten law of nature is that one enters the garden of life through love. Our people have honored her as a deity, along with the most important things in her life. It is a great sin to separate two young people who love each other. Love spells are everywhere in the lives of our ancestors, in daily activities and holidays, in a common magic ritual and in the hidden single actions of the seeker of love and family joy. Most and most common are these spells, but they must be of service to the couple, to strengthen and support their mutual giving. It was believed that marriage achieved through magic was not good. Punishment, most often celibacy and loneliness, awaits the one who spoils love, wedding or family, and brings sorrow and pain to anyone. The consequences will be borne by his generations.

The most common are spells for love with herbs. The Lord Himself blessed them with His hands and placed them on the man to heal the wounds inflicted on him by the devil at night. Herbs carry the magic of this divine touch. They serve for health, but also for love, as the most important part and meaning of life.


Basil - if you spray your beloved with basil dust, he will not cheat.

White had is a sacred and magical herb. In winter, it stays oil green and crisp on top of the tree, reminding of spring and new birth. If a girl hangs a mistletoe branch over her bed, she will meet or marry a loved one during the year.

 Dandelion it is put in the pockets or luggage of the beloved on a long trip so that he does not think of cheating.

wheat - when a girl sees the first sprouted cereal class, she tears it off and places it next to the hearth so that "hers come".

Dill - to arouse the love desire of her beloved, the girl must wash her face and hands with a decoction of the seeds of the plant. The same magic has the trendafil infuser and the devil leaves in equal quantities.

Lentil - the woman collects one grain from the 40 shop. He cooks them and kneads them into bread, from which he gives his husband to eat. When she kneads bread, she says, "Just as I tried to collect 40 grains from the 40 shop, so does my husband work for me and love me."

An ordinary man (asshole, hoof, hoof) - if one wants to sweeten two people, they should put a little of the herb in the water they are bathing with.

With the decoction of the ordinary, the hatred is washed away. With the right hand it is watered, with the left hand it is washed and called: "Let's wash our hatred hatred, wash our hatred hatred, wash our hatred hatred!". With this water sprinkle the clothes of the man, and if not possible, pour into his yard. It is believed that he will then look at the girl.

The lover is believed to excite a sense of affection. Two sheets are taken, facing each other, and glued with honey. So they are put under the door of the girl or boy you choose.

They say that Ominous is the flower that Cupid once pierced with his arrows, and then gave it to the fairies to enchant and ruin the lives of not one in love. The enchantress charms and throws a person into unconscious love. It is also called the "old herb" because it is as old as love magic. It heals everything, just like happy love, and it's really lucky to find it. It grows in the fields between wheat and rye, as well as in the mountains. It blooms in blue, and when ripe, it meets with and without wasps. Without wasp, it's worse - it's more powerful and more poisonous. If one eats a fiend, one can die or go crazy. Therefore, spells made with it are less common. If worn, it charms small and large.

The enchantress picks early against St. George when everything is quiet. No one should think. If only one word falls, the magic grass cannot be torn off. They say that the Jews do not give her away, hold her tight, and keep her for themselves. However, to tear it apart, the bayonets and sparrows leave their clothes away, run naked to the enchantress and then quickly run back.

С Оhatcher hatred can be destroyed and love can be aroused. It is well known that his seed looks like a human head.

Hate magic is done "against Wednesday, in secret." "You have to burn it, fire it and say,

How this grass burns,

so shall he burn on me!

And so it will happen! "

Iris is a magical flower. Whatever boy takes a wristwatch from a maid and stabs it on his belt or hood, his soul remains forever with the one who wore it.

Herbs for love are still ivy, ginger, pickles, crazy pumpkin, sweetheart, lilac, hubby, secretion, oregano, dew and tatul.

There are also separate herbs. Our people believe that with these "curses" the sorceress can do anything - quench love, divide lovers, hate each other and love another. One may forget his love and the other may burn out of grief. Separate herbs are: scintillas, whirlwind, commune, stalk, blackthorn, wormwood and burdock, bellflower, limonica, blackcurrant and samodiv strawberries, pigeon eyes, curses, copper, thrush, sorrel and more. The hate herb is the blue poison.

Herbs and weeds are cooked in a new pot, on a deserted hearth. A decoction is made, which is used to water and smoke a devastated girl.

In addition to herbs, our people have "discovered" other ways to attract and retain love.

With dead things - when a man with his eyes open dies, he is given eye wax, which is called "blind catan". The sorceress takes this "blind padlock" before burying the dead, and saves it for magic. When he spells on someone's love, he gives him a wax pre-formed in a circle. Through it, he must "look" at the one who wants to love him. He looks at it three times from top to bottom and again says three times:

"Let me look at you for you to tow!"

It can be done on three consecutive Wednesdays or Saturdays until the desired result is achieved.

With wax - this magic one cannot do alone. The sorceress goes to church and prays before the icon of her personal patron saint or before the icon of Jesus Christ. He secretly takes 9 or 40 unburnt candles from candlesticks, not from places where he burns for the dead. After sunset, the wizard makes a figure of a person or a five-pointed star. He lets her spend the night, and the next day gives her the guarantor of the magic. He should melt it down a little over 9 or 40 days. While melting the wax is said three times:

"As the wax melts, so does it (the name) melt on me!"

On the 9 or 40 day of the wax, a circle should be made and through it "viewed" three times from top to bottom by the one to whom the magic is made. He finally buries the wax below the threshold of his house or any other place that he certainly goes through every day.

С magic cow - the girl herself makes a pastry mixed with flour taken from two houses - twins (glued to each other on one side), with water poured from two sleeves on the same river, with milk from two nursing mothers - mother and daughter , and an egg with two yolks. After baking it, he has to wrap it with red thread and look for an opportune moment where he can see the man the magic is doing without him seeing it. He looks at it three times from head to toe through the hole in the cow, then puts it under his right foot and buries it there. The boy falls in love with her, unaware and unaware of how it happened.

If an old woman "looks" through a magical cowboy boy and girl, they will get together.

С hair - at least three hairs are taken from the girl's hair without her knowledge. The lover weaves them in his hair and whispers a spell: "Just as these hair are braided together, so can we be together." They say that within ten days the result will not be late.

С wolf's eye - in Krushovo they remove the right eye of a living wolf and instruct him to see it with the left. If a girl touches this boy's eye and tells him, "As sweet as the wolf's eye was, so kind (name) be it to me," he will begin to love her. The demonic beyond represented by the wolf is near, "hears" the words and does the magic.

With animal heart. This magic is done by "specialists". The sorceress picks up the heart of an animal (most often cattle) shortly before she dies, but secretly - without anyone knowing. He halves it and bakes it on a tile with embers. One half eats the surety, and the other must secretly put in the food of the one whom he enchants. If not possible, bury him somewhere under his bed, close to his heart. The enchanted man "will seek out half of his heart and will not smell until he has found it."

Finally, you don't have to wait for special days and holidays for romance and love. Sacrifices in her name must be made daily in order for the fire of Love to live and be kind to you. So grab a bottle of red, heavy, enchanting wine and share it with your loved one. The magic works instantly…

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