Required products (for two servings):

50-60 grams of quinoa
1 fresh parsley connection
2 fresh onions
5-6 wild garlic petals (you can replace it with a bunch of fresh garlic)
handful of nuts (pre-soaked for 5-6 hours and rinsed thoroughly)
10 pitted olives
lemon juice
1-2 pinches of gingerbread
1-2 olive oil (you can also replace it with avocado)
some raw peeled pumpkin seeds

Boil the quinoa over low heat until it is transparent and drain. To it in a large bowl add the chopped fresh green spices, walnuts and olives. Add the lemon juice, olive oil and lard to your liking. If you use avocado instead of olive oil, you can cut it into small cubes or grind it in advance. As a final touch, I also add some raw peeled pumpkin seeds, but you can skip them or decorate at your own discretion. Bon Appetit!

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