Fourth Edition - 31.07 - 10.08. 2019 


For the fourth consecutive year Summer Academy of Dramatic Writingorganized by an association Arte Urban Collective, will bring together participants and mentors from around the world. This year the program is oriented towards innovative artistic practices, still little known in Bulgaria, such as interactive script design, site specific theater, immersive experiences, urban games and interactive theater.


The theme is Shangri-La, an imaginary place concept that first appeared in the early 20 century, in the novel The Lost Horizon by James Hilton. Not long after, Shangri-La became synonymous with a "paradise on Earth" hidden in the mountains, far from the rest of the world. This is the place where this year's edition will be held - in the authentic mountain village of Bozhentsi, where the training forum will blend with a truly creative experience for the participants. 


The Academy will be officially opened on 31 July 2019 in the Slaveykov Hall of the French Institute in Bulgaria with a meeting that will introduce the organizers, mentors, participants and anyone interested in the program of this international format. On August 1 will be held and the first open lecture of the program - "Interactive Scenario Design" by author Hartmut Könitz, who is visiting Bulgaria for the first time. The professor at HKU University in Utrecht, The Netherlands, will show us why successful creation of interactive scenarios today requires radical rethinking, which places interactivity at the center and overlooks established paradigms. Through his prism, we are no longer just authors, but designers creating interactive experiences for the audience who is already an active participant, not just a viewer or reader. This perspective opens up a new and exciting space for creative expression and allows us to gain experience in areas such as game design and interactive theater.

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After ten days of lectures, hands-on workshops and intense creativity, The Academy will end with the traditional festival, which is growing this year. During Shangri-La Fest 2019, the audience will have the opportunity to attend performances through which participants will show the results of their work. In addition, the program of the festival also includes a number of other studios and concerts. There will be a music workshop with instruments from around the world, a storytelling workshop, a Middle Eastern cooking course, a mad pedagogy course and more. In the music program we will be able to attend concerts of the duo "Two Men Orchestra" composed by Nikolai Ivanov OM and Nikolay Yordanov ("Oratnitsa"), by Syrian Amjad Jud, who plays both classical motifs and traditional Syrian rhythms, as well as contemporary Middle Eastern songs, as well as DJs Nikola Gruev (Kotarashki) and Stereofox.


The festival under the stars is completely free and for another year it will prove that such events with an international presence have their place in Bulgaria, as well as an audience outside the big city, which increases with each passing issue. 

The organizers of the event are Arte Urbana Collective Association in partnership with IAIR Bozhentsi, French Institute in Bulgaria, CVS Bulgaria, Multi-Cult Group, Zip-Scene Conference, Kaimera Productions, Famille Mundi, Old is New and Bulgarka Magazine. The project is funded by the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality.

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