Аbe creative, whether you are in the cinema, theater, game design or experience, creative writing or creating creative content for any of the creative industries, attention - Summer International Scriptwriting Base invites participants. This year the Academy celebrates its 5th anniversary and will take place from July 23 until August 1, in the beautiful mountain village of Gabrovtsi, near Veliko Tarnovo.


The Academy is an original blend of educational forums and creative experiences, and attracts participants from all over Europe. It provides an excellent opportunity to meet future partners and followers to develop your bold professional ideas.

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Participants in the Summer Academy will gain in-depth knowledge and skills in such exciting and contemporary creative fields, such as creating interactive scenarios, urban design, LARP and other large-scale real-life games, as well as immersive experience design. The organizers of Arte Urban Collective they have once again been able to bring together a stunning team of lecturers and mentors. The team names the names of German Christian Roth, a specialist in the design of interactive narratives, Serbian Mirko Stojkovic, with extensive experience in writing interactive scripts and a lecturer at several universities in his home country, Italians Alessandro Giovancucci and Mateo Uguzoni, designers of game designers from Chaos League Bologna and Urban Games Factory Milan, British Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe from fanSHEN London, Dutchman Sam Jansen, screenwriter of the hit immersive play Prison Escape and American Aiden LeRou from Odyssey Works, some of the best in the world and designers imersivni experiences.

Mirko Stoykovich

Mateo Uguzoni

Aiden LeRoux

The theme of the academy this year is "Escaping from school." It is both a hint that Summer Scriptwriting Base is an avant-garde and innovative academy that escapes the classical forms of school and, on the other, links to its venue - the former Gabrovtsi school transformed by the Art Group. Dolphins' at the Art Residences. The academy will traditionally end with the Shangri-La Fest, a two-day dream festival.

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