Bad Roosters is a group that produces original music, including songs in Bulgarian language and instrumental compositions, often with film or theatrical sound. Experimental sound has been sought in the music, many different styles of music have been combined - avant-garde, jazz, metal, Bulgarian folklore, poets with guitars and more.


The group is formed by Alexey Nikolov and Petko Chernev, who know each other and play together with students. During the 2011 year, they identified themselves as Bad Roosters and recorded four of their compositions. Their repertoire is gradually growing and since December 2012 they are an active concert group. Mikhail Zhekunov, Boyan Avramov and Stella Doikova often play with them as additional members.


Since then, they have had numerous concerts all over the country - Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Burgas, Veliko Turnovo, Pleven, Yambol, Sliven, Gabrovo, Ganchovets, Zhelen and others. and at festivals - "Summer Event", "Kurtovo Konare Fest", "The Village as a Cultural Unit", "Rakia - Magic", "Beglika" and others. During the 2013 year, they also participated in BLArtFest, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have played several times with live broadcast on BNR "Hristo Botev".


The main musical instruments used by the band:


Alexey - guitars, forehead and home-made two-stringed board;


Petko - tambourine, guitar, glockenspiel, percussion, main vocals;


Michael - percussion, beetle, vocals;


Boyan - bass, electronic effects and noise;


Stele - flute, vocals.


The composers of the music are Alexey and Petko, the poetry for the songs is by Petko.

Where are we now?

Alexei: In a tight, no getting away.

Your music is mostly based on Bulgarian folklore motifs. Is it your main inspiration?

Petko: I suspect that folklore motives are mainly due to me, but they are not prevalent anyway.


Alexei: Many other styles and influences are also present.

What are your personal musical preferences?

Alexei: Personally, in recent years I have been very fascinated by the contemporary avant-garde, many of my favorite musicians are directly or indirectly related to the composer John Zorn. And not only, of course. Let me also mention an old group from the late sixties - "King Crimson", which many years ago was a common influence of me and Petko…


Petko: Let me remember the period when I was a traveling preacher of "King Crimson".) In general, I do not believe that there is a style in music in which there are no good hits. Personally, apart from what Alexey mentioned, I listen to folk music, as it turned out, classical works, metal, but I can't put much of my favorite music into stylistic frames at all.

In Bulgaria, is "music house food"?

Petko: It depends on the music and the house…


Alexei: Hard work, more often than not. At least we don't make a lot of music. If we want to make money, we may have to play not exactly what we want.


Other than music, what else do you do?


Alexei: Personally, I am a teacher of mathematics at the Technical University - Sofia (I even have a PhD).


Petko: I'm an artist by education, but I've worked and done quite a few things, some of which are strikingly far from my education.

What have you been listening to lately?

Alexei: I admit, from a lot of playing and concerts, I haven't been playing anything in recent months.


Petko: Yes, I also notice that I often do not have the energy to hear something new, but Alexey and I attend a lot of concerts, especially those of the BNR Alarm Punk Jazz, which I hope fills the gap

At the beginning of June, together with "Kaino Jesno Slonce", you had a concert in support of the 9th edition of the "Color My Summer" School of Arts. Tell us more about this project…

Alexei: The "school" has been running for nine years. We deal with children with arts, crafts and folk customs - painting, sculpture, music, folklore, felting, murals, circus arts and much more. The "School" usually ends with a theatrical performance in front of an audience, and everything necessary, such as sets, costumes, etc., is made by the children during the "School". In recent years, we have managed to increase our activities with children, as the "School" began to be held several times a year „


Petko: In addition to the summer edition, which is between 10 and 20 days, depending on the amount we have collected, we have organized several shorter editions related to church holidays and folk customs - Christmas, Easter, Midsummer's Day…


Alexei: The primary purpose of the School is to influence children spiritually, especially through arts and crafts.


Petko: Most organizations that deal with children from institutions teach them more practical things, which of course is necessary, even necessary for the future realization of these children in life, but often other no less important things are neglected…


Alexei: We are different in that we are dealing with the intangible side of the issue, for some people the benefit of this may be invisible. But we believe that the problems of these children are not material but have shortcomings and needs of a completely different nature. We do not accidentally work with the same home, and do not change them every year, as many organizations do. So we build very close relationships with a lot of trust and the children know that when we finish their activities, we do not abandon them. We keep in touch throughout the year.


Petko: We worked for many years with the Hristo Raykov State Children's Hospital, Gabrovo, but the children have already grown up. One of them, by the way, is Assen Rashkov, who appeared these days in Bulgaria Looking for Talent, and another of the children, who has been with us since the first year of the School, became our first volunteer - a graduate. He is engaged in making traditional yeast bread for children, and this summer he will also run a charity shop for bread and muffins at Dolen Summer Art in Dolen. We have been looking for another home with younger children and since 2 we have been working with the Nikola Vaptsarov CSSCF, Roman.


Alexei: The school is held at the Sokolski Monastery holiday base above Etara, near Gabrovo. We raise the funds needed to make it all happen through charity campaigns. The donor account has it on our Facebook page. In fact, I will now open and say to her:

The situation in Bulgaria is quite complicated… Do you find support in such charity projects and actions?

Alexei: It is difficult to find that at one time our charity campaigns have failed completely. But from time to time we find ourselves unexpectedly. For example, the concert with Cayenne Clear Shale was quite successful.


Petko: Yes, my observations are that people find it difficult to spend on art and in general on the intangible, while on holiday campaigns they spend more willingly. Everyone is so immersed in everyday life that they do not realize the need of these children for other things that are much more important to them, especially at this stage. Nurturing values ​​and skills without which they will be distorted outside the institution will not survive as human beings.

Are you optimistic?

Alexei: Yes.


Petko: Almost always.

What was the last thing you wished for and came true?

Alexei: Take a vacation and rest :)


Petko: I think I'm more forward with wishes than with "come true" „

In the autumn you will warm up one of the emblematic Bulgarian groups "Review" in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture „

Petko: They are definitely from the Bulgarian groups, which I value very much.


Alexei: Well, the background is that we played together with "Review" at the same festival, and before that we played for one campaign, organized by Vaso Gyurov. Otherwise, yes, we like them and are also proud in some way that they have chosen and invited us.

And speaking of cult Bulgarian musicians, who are your "teachers"? What music did you grow up with?

Alexei: Well, when I played guitar (I was about 16 years old), I was a "metal" and I can say that I learned to play from "Metallica". I had loads of detailed notes on their pieces. Well, I can say that I walked with them. One that I played an instrument, and another that I was a little educated in the notes. Then I switched entirely to authorship, composing, amateur…


Petko: I won't add much, because Alexei and I grew up together. At the same time we listened to "Metallica" and played guitars… My musical tastes have changed over the years, but they have expanded rather than replaced one music with another. It's hard for teachers to say. Often the things I write are quite different from the ones I listen to.

Where can people see and hear you these days? Participations, concerts?…

Alexei: On July 11 we recorded in Burgas for the show "Stop Cover", which is broadcast on BNR - Burgas. We expect the concert recordings to be assembled and broadcast on radio in August. Otherwise, we will be playing Dolen Summer Art on the 20 August in Dolen Village, a sort of arts and crafts festival spread over several weekends throughout the summer.

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