In addition to her professional translations, Svetlana Camps is well-known for the Good Meet Initiative, Tales and Cocoa - a scene for acquaintance with beloved Bulgarian literary readers, the charity Christmas in a Box, and Puppeteria Doll Shop, below her fingers literally enliven "grandmothers", "grandfathers", "birds", "snowdrops" ...


Finished “Not everything I want, yet. So far tourism, correspondent with Spanish and English, translator with German. I am currently a diligent student at a Vocational Certified Masters' School in Oberrot, Germany.


Work - felt workshops for small and large, wool (wool processing - mostly sheep, traditional Bulgarian craft) of a wide variety of figures and scenery at the request of the customer - from a giant teapot bent over by the weight of the grandmother's apron to a fine donkey, and hen in full size :), translations.


Hobbies - felting and spinning; telling fairy tales or really good stories; folk singing; painting of wool with everything that is waiting somewhere in nature to be boiled in the tank :); thinking of holidays and birthdays.


family - Happy family! With a man who skillfully and unreservedly supports me in my projects. Three children, boy-girl-boy - the best marten of fate. And a puppy who is aware of how lucky she is to grow up in so much love.


What took you to Germany and when was that?                  


I came to Germany just barely 18 years old to study and work. It was as if I caught the bus on many borders yesterday, wishing there were none in my life.

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By profession, translator, but by heart...?


A dreamer and a smiling man, with a mother's soul - the more children, the better!


Svetlana Camps with her three children


Probably many Bulgarians associate your name with the charity campaign you organize every year, "Christmas in a Box". The last event is history, but I will ask you to do a brief flashback!


After November and December, which are filled with a lot of work on the action, comes this special pre-Christmas moment… From Bulgaria there come the lines that make me crammed with happiness! "We received gifts for children / adults. Oh, how much joy! "


416 Personal Christmas Gifts - For 325 children and 91 adults, many new community donations and toys have been sent this year by donation to DSV Road, whose manager for Bulgaria, Mr. Yanislav Totev, has been supporting the action for years. In the months following the holiday, endless gratitude continues to flow - to all in this good, eager to help our small Bulgarian world in Munich and the surrounding area. The heartfelt return mail from Bulgaria does not end - photos, martenitsi, letters and shared happy replies from the recipient children.

Do you miss Varna or do the lakes in Bavaria manage to “fill” the sea niche?


When I miss something, nothing replaces it. The lakes are beautiful water, but my admiration for them is different. It's weird how sometimes it's close to you and it's far away ...


By the way, what attracts you more - the sea or the Balkans (here I will reveal something for you - you love the Rhodopes a lot)?


Both - when I have a choice, I choose everything for the sake of beauty :). And the Rhodope Mountains are like a tun, they call me and I anxiously wait for me to come back! It is a blessing to have a place to feel something like that! And I'm happy to sit there, low to the ground on the hinged stool, and turn spindly! This nature is true to me, and sincere!


We can't miss your Puppeteria Workshops - so many images come to life under your hands ... Where does this love for woolen figures come from??


I like to surround myself with smiles, with softness. All my figures look with the good eyes of a grandmother, grandfather, mother, baby, bird-protector ... And the wave is magic without which not a single day passes! My fingers can't do without it!


Which image should we expect soon?


The next image will be different. A ruffly ruffled vest and a delicate overcoat of Uzbek silk and merino (high quality merino sheep wool) - like a whiff. There are some exams for my "school" school. And the "grandparents" and "uncles" from the puppet world, and they will "hang" on a towel along the new mooring.

Christmas card with your grandfather

Gencho and Helena

Lina and the baby 

Zen with a rose

Rose and Hitko

Maybe your kids are big lucky with such an inventive mom to play with?…


It's good that they love me a lot and forgive me for "sinking"! :) Sometimes I disappear for hours, in the eyes of an "eagle", a "mouse", a "duck"… What I'm doing right now. But my projects are for children and over the years they have been happy participants in them - from donations, through theater, to a fairytale wave. We laugh a lot at our crazy whims, they are my source of all joy.


Have you ever planned another date for 2019 ...?


Meetings during the 2019 are monthly - on seats for children and adults. It is very nice! And as a new idea, I'm going to go with the basket of wool through the forest. And there, after a walk and a nice time, let's drift. Vision for spring and spring.


Two questions I ask everyone - what is nostalgia for you?


I, you, each of us surrounding them with their personal stories. I'm actually curious if there are people who don't test it?


Would you return again one day to Bulgaria - permanently and permanently?…


Yes! Just let my kids finish school and "squeeze bread" in their hand. Be calm for them! And we're leaving…


If you would like to participate in Svetlana Camps' groups, here's an event calendar:

Good meeting

Dates of seats for children and adults

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