In today's dynamic and stressful world, it is increasingly important to achieve inner balance and harmony. Fast food establishments and packaged semi-finished products have become a habit and convenience, while quality products and preparation time are a mirage.


Our daily menu naturally affects the most valuable - our health. In addition to the growth of many diseases, our quality of life is also diminished, and despite the variety and abundance of foods, we are increasingly tired, lethargic, and depressed.


"Food should be your medicine and medicine - your food"


Hippocrates' words could not be more current! The link between our lifestyles, and especially our diet and our health, has been proven many times over. Increasingly, various physicians and specialists are paying close attention to the diet to improve the condition of their patients.


One of the most well-known practices of being healthy, energetic and happy lately is starvation. Education artist Lydia Kovacheva is making first steps in this direction in Bulgaria. Diagnosed only with 30 years as a tuberculosis patient, she takes the long and thorny path of conventional treatment. Her prescribed medication gradually damages her liver, causing her severe depression and cirrhosis. Her body becomes completely helpless - she weakens dramatically, maintains a constant high fever and has no strength to even get out of bed. By the age of 40, at the height of her youth, she was already retired due to illness, and doctors gave her a maximum of three months to live. Fortunately, their prognosis is wrong!


Having accidentally heard about the healing starvation, Lydia Kovacheva started applying it on herself. At that time, information about the regime in Bulgaria was too scarce, but nevertheless, the stubborn "schoolgirl" did not give up - the stakes were too high - her life! With the elimination of all meat products, her temperature normalizes, and after another 12 months of fasting, there is no trace of tuberculosis and cirrhosis.


"A full stomach - an empty head" - she loved to say Kovacheva alive.


After seeing the overwhelming effect of hunger on herself, she becomes an "eternal student" in medicine. He became acquainted with the writings of Herbert Shelton, Yuri Nikolaev, Robert McCarrison, Paul Breg, Are Veerland and others, and came to the conclusion that the human body has the ability to recover and heal on its own. However, her views on this starvation are far different from those of her "teachers". She opposes severe hunger and deprivation by offering a new, non-aggressive and lightweight feeding system, the fruit of her 30 years of work, observations and accumulated knowledge. The advantage of this mode is that the digestive system does not stop completely, eliminating hunger. On the other hand, the fruits that Lidia Kovacheva includes, balance the alkaline-acid balance, since the passage of internal nutrition, with the release of toxins from all tissues and cells, the environment in the body becomes highly acidic. Honey recommended for sweetening tea or on its own, contains minerals, vitamins, nutrients immunostimulants and is a natural antibiotic. Glucose and fructose in it regulate the activity of the nervous system, improve metabolism and blood circulation, lower blood pressure. Thanks to the carbohydrates in the fruits and honey, the healer can take short walks as well as light physical exercises. This keeps the muscles toned and toxins are released through the skin and sweating. (For comparison, in the strict starvation regime, patients are hardly moving and are bedridden all the time.)


The method of Lydia Kovacheva includes several days (up to 20), during which the only food allowed is up to 800 grams of fresh fruits, herbal teas and honey (up to 2 - 3 teaspoons daily). In case of more serious illnesses and prolonged fasting (more than 3 days) the patient must be under strict medical supervision.


After the process of starvation, it is necessary to follow the stage of feeding the body in a specific way. The goal is to gradually incorporate more digestive foods so you do not harm yourself. The power supply usually lasts half the days when you are starving. Steamed vegetables or boiled potatoes are added to the menu, later - cereals and raw nuts, and until the finish - legumes, dairy and meat. It is crucial that the food be chewed for a long time to help the digestive system function more smoothly.

What actually happens during starvation?


According to specialist nutritionists, then the body begins to "self-feed", ie. to break down its own harmful tissues, dross and diseased cells accumulated in the internal organs and vessels. All systems in the body become more active, the activity of the endocrine glands is accelerated, the senses are sharpened, the immunity is increased.


Due to the extreme excretion of toxins, mainly through the skin and through the large intestine, it is possible to descend severely in the first few days of starvation. To help your body expel poisons from the body faster, drink more water and take long walks to help you sweat.


It is important to clarify that food deprivation is not a "panacea" for any disease! In case of more serious illnesses, do not under any circumstances starve without medical supervision!


Lydia Kovacheva herself suggests starvation one day a week as a prophylaxis against diseases. The diet she recommends, and to the last, includes extremely light and 'natural' foods - seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, whole grains, olives, coarse black bread.

Lydia Kovacheva lives to the age of 88 and is vibrant and energetic until the end. He cures the needy, who came to help her, walks the streets of Sofia and does not lose his spirits. In recent years, she has been diligently working on her book, Longevity - A Dream or Reality, in which she shares her views on the healthy lifestyle that modern man should lead.


In 2014, on the occasion of 100 since her birth, Stilian Ivanov made a film about the famous Bulgarian woman. It includes stories of patients who were cured by her method.


"Everything must be custom and optional! You must not abuse the body! ”- calls Lidia Kovacheva. Listen to your body and give it nutritious and nutritious food. Balanced eating is eating in harmony with nature to keep your body and mind healthy.

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