As the hot months come and temperatures rise, many of us are turning our thoughts to the sea and its azure waves. The mountain with its freshness and coolness is a little away. In addition to breathtaking views, it turns out that the mountain can offer us unique emotions. Here are some suggestions for unique experiences with the most popular summer festivals at the foot of the Pirin and Rhodope Mountains.

Wild Flower Festival

Started on 20 in June, it marks its culmination of 27 this month, when the folklore fair "Spring Voice" will be held in the village of Smilyan. What is interesting about this festival, besides the event-rich program, is the fact that it takes place in six different villages of Smolyan - Smilyan, Sivino, Mogilitsa, Koshnitsa, Arda and Gorna Arda.

The Rhodope Mountains are known for their wide variety of herbs and wild flowers, many of which bear the name of the mountain in its Latin name. Among them are the Rhodope violet and Easter, the Rhodope cream, the Rhodope charm, the Rhodope forest mother, the Rhodope hatred and many others. Wild flowers in all their aspects are at the heart of this colorful and relatively new (this year is being held for the third time) festival - flowers as a symbol and part of ancient rituals, such as aroma, food and inspiration for art. That is why its timing coincides with the Feast day (24 June), when traditionally from the early dawn, witch doctors collect fragrant and medicinal herbs.

Among the more interesting events of the forum are the creative workshops of quilting and quilling, seminars on aromatherapy and natural cosmetics; exhibitions of local dishes, wild fruits and mushrooms. There are also photo-plein airs, bazaars with the participation of artisans from the region, as well as a cycle tour "Arda Springs" (in the period 26-28-June).

Wake Up Festival! Bulgaria "

wake up festival Bulgaria

Its fifth edition will again take place in the woods and meadows above Kuklen, on the way to the monastery "St. St. Cosmas and Damian. " For three days and nights (3-5-July), lovers of natural and alternative lifestyles will be able to enjoy both Bulgarian culture, music and traditions, as well as various practices, enriching lectures, workshops and seminars. Musical guests include reggae bands "Conquering Lion", "One Soul"; hip-hop stars Green Out and Keranov & Jay "; ethno musicians from Karandila Junior and Balkansky and others. Within the festival, art bazaars, cinema screenings, theater productions, horseback riding and yoga classes, a forest circus, a hammock garden, a chill zone and many other adventures are organized.

Rozhen Cathedral

Rozhen Cathedral

Rozhen Cathedral is one of the oldest in Bulgaria. The first one was organized as early as 1898, on the idea of ​​the then priest of the village of Sokolovtsi. He urged his parishioners to honor all the saints of the Rozhen chapels on the day of St. Panteleimon - July 27 - in the chapel "St. St. Kirik and Julita ", where the fair is still held today. The festival also had political significance, since at that time the border between Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire passed through Rozhen peak. Every year, residents of three of the artificially divided surrounding villages gathered here - Progled (on the Bulgarian side) and Momchilovtsi and Sokolovtsi (on the Turkish side) at family gatherings, where they sang folk songs and roasted traditional chevermets.

The spirit of tradition, as well as the time and place of the Rozhen Cathedral are preserved after 1912 (the liberation of the Rhodopes from Ottoman rule). Today the symbol of the event is the "100 Kaba Guides" bagpipe orchestra, which features bagpipers from different Rhodope villages.

Over the years, the Rozhen Cathedral has become the largest festival of folk song and creativity. Folklore performers and musicians gather from all over Bulgaria, singing and playing on several major stages. The fair also includes an exhibition of traditional Bulgarian livelihood. Participants are various dancers, storytellers, folk customs and rites, craftsmen and breeders, with the only requirement being non-professionals.

This year the Rozhen Fair will be held again at the Rozhen Meadows in the period 17 - 19 July.

Gaydar whistle in the village of Gela


It takes place in the beginning of August (this year - 2-th - 3-August) at the Ilinden meadows near the village of Gela. Pears, songs and bagpipe tunes announce the Rhodope Mountains for two days. The competition program starts at 10 on Saturday, with participants from all over the world and from a Cape bagpipe performer. In addition to the musicians, the mood also takes care of several chevermasters, which is traditional for the Rhodopean cuisine. For the numerous festival guests (varying between 8 000-13 000 person per year), a basic campsite is provided with over 100 tents located on the Ilinden hills, a breathtaking view of the surrounding fields and forests.

Transfiguration Festival

Festival Bulgaria

The Transfiguration Festival experience will consist of 6 to 8 August in the village of Dolen (at 28 km., Gotse Delchev), which has the status of an architectural reserve, which retains both traditional Rhodope construction and the remains of many Bulgarian churches and historical sites from ancient Thracian times.

Alternative Bulgarian and foreign bands and DJs will appear on two stages at the two ends of the village: the electro-ethno project "The Balkansky" by Theodosii Spasov, the ambient ethno sensation "Ishihia", the psychedelic ethno rock characters from "Smallman", the Greeks " Villages of Ioannina City "and more. The festival program also includes a premiere screening of the documentary "This is Bulgaria", filmed among the most beautiful, unknown and mysterious native land. Guests of the event can attend photographic lectures and a presentation by Ivaylo Petrov, a specialist in conceptual portrait and macro photography, as well as robotics workshops.

Bansko Jazz Fest

Bansko Jazz Fest

Few countries in the Rhodope Mountains, at the foot of Pirin Mountain, will host the 8 Jazz Festival in Bansko this August from 13 to 18. Launched as early as 1998, Bansko Jazz Fest quickly gained immense popularity and became one of the most significant international cultural events in the Balkans. The concerts take place on an outdoor stage in the city center and are completely free of charge to the large audience. Traditionally, the program is attended by musicians and bands representing different directions in the genre.

On the one hand, the historical roots of jazz are presented - styles such as blues, soul, bebop, swing, boogie, and more. Guests at the festival were some of the biggest big bands in Bulgaria and the world, as well as some iconic figures from the international stage.

On the other hand - the modern face of "free music" - the modern mixes of funk, drum and bass and world motifs. A number of avant-garde bands such as Yahia Khalil Bend (Egypt), Krakatau Bend (Indonesia), Incognito (UK), our Bulgara, as well as Vlatko Stefanovki and Theodosii Spassov with their ethno projects have performed in front of the Bansko audience.

Almost all major Bulgarian jazz performers - Milcho Leviev, Misho Yosifov, Kamelia Todorova, Vasil Petrov, Stefka Onnikyan, Beloslava, Hilda Kazasyan, as well as many young future stars from the native stage, took part in the program of the festival.

Among the more popular names this year are Vasil Petrov, Yildoz Ibrahimova, Asid Folk Fife (Bulgaria), the British band Incognito, May &Lolos Quartet (Bulgaria), Shelley Berg Trio (USA / Bulgaria), Mango Jerry Blues Band (UK), Jem Station (Serbia), The Jazzbones (Germany), Eftekasag (Egypt) , The David Hellbock Trio (Austria).

Beglika Fest

Beglik Festival

It will take place from 27 to 30 on August near Big Beglik Dam in the Western Rhodopes. Ever since its inception in 2008, Beglika Fest has been an expression of a young generation of new values, of a responsible attitude towards nature and the world; a festival of the free, the creative, the seekers, the adventurers, the sharing, the curious. In several scenes, during the three days of the event, musicians with an affinity for improvisation and mixing different styles - funk, groove, folk motifs, ambient, progressive, techno, trans, punk, world, fusion - appear.

A distinctive feature of the festival is the unification of numerous philosophical movements causes, creative and sports activities, including yoga, meditation, fine arts, psychodrama, theater performances, circus numbers, horseback riding, kayaking. Various workshops offer eco products, home cosmetics; there are lessons from yoga to contemporary and classical dance.

Among the topics of this year's edition is the study of personality and social dynamics. A variety of practices, therapies, yumiyo and classic massages will take care of the well-being of the body and mind. Professional consultants on the Human Design system (read on the genetic code, combining ancient knowledge and modern science) will determine the uniqueness and characteristics of all comers, and indicate ways to live in harmony with their own nature.

An unpredictable but positive art phenomenon will take part in Beglika 2015 - MMUUZZAA (Musical Magic, Universal Utopia, Forgotten Knowledge, Ancient Aspects), which will present a real first-person adventure game. With their project "I Play Ninja", the artists will involve enthusiasts in their fairy tale, including riddles in the woods, adventures with a bike, solving logical problems, meetings with fairy-tale characters in search of "fugitive ninjas".

Thracian culinary heritage

culinary festival Nedelino

On 7 and 8 September, Ivaylovgrad will host the 4 for the first time in a series of traditional food, livelihoods and crafts from the Rhodope region. Participants in the festival are local producers of fruits and vegetables, honey, brandy; masters of jams, herbs and spices, as well as handymen, artists and craftsmen. Guests and residents of the city will have the opportunity to taste bread from Limets, organic apple cider vinegar, local honey and tahini, as well as the famous Ivaylovgrad wine, and for the best, the organizers have prepared a special award for art cooking.

Nedelino Folklore Festival

The variety of summer festivals will be completed with the playing in the town of Nedelino, which takes place from 2001 on the first Saturday and Sunday of September (this year - 4-6-September). The region is known for its specific and distinctive two-part singing, discovered and described by the great Bulgarian folklorist Academician Nikolai Kaufman. Double voice is sung in pairs as one leads and sings the first voice and the other sings and sings a second voice. One of the most prominent performers of the Nedelina double voice is the Georgievi sisters and the Hadjivi sisters, and in 2008 the Ministry of Culture declared this kind of singing as a Living Human Treasure.

Since 2005, the number of international participants in the competition has increased significantly. Traditional singers and musicians from Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Cyprus, Macedonia are visiting. The festival is accompanied by various cultural events - exhibitions, Bulgarian and foreign concerts, presentation of books and films.

Beglika Fest, Transfiguration Festival, Nedelino Chants, Thracian Culinary Heritage, Wake Up! Bulgaria "or the one of the wildflowers, the Gaydar Blast in Gela, the Rozhen Cathedral or the Bansko Jazz - whichever event you choose, the unique emotions and unique experience of the magnificent nature of Pirin and the Rhodope Mountains are guaranteed.


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