Climate change is a fact, and Europe is key and must give strong impetus to action to tackle this problem. UN Special Report on Global Warming by 1,5 Degrees predicts that we have less than 12 years to limit a climate catastrophe that could submerge entire regions or turn them into deserts if no emergency measures are taken.


For this reason, Greenpeace begins a Europe-wide tour entitled Together for the Climate. It includes the legendary "Rainbow Warrior" sailboat that will tour many European countries and Bulgaria is its second stop. The purpose of the tour is not only to inform, but also to bring about real changes in policies to tackle the climate crisis.

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The ship will arrive on the Black Sea coast on Monday, 3 June, and will stay in Varna until 5 June, Wednesday. Then it will sail to Burgas, where it will be from 6 to 9 June inclusive. A series of events will be held on and around the sailboat, dedicated to the energy transition to renewable energy and the decentralization of the energy system for the benefit of individual citizens and communities.

"Bulgaria relies mainly on coal for energy production. They, like other fossil fuels, are one of the main sources of greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions, directly fueling climate change and damaging the environment and human health. Unlike in many European countries, Bulgaria has no plan for a coal abandonment and for a fair energy transition to help fight climate change, ”said Denitsa Petrova, Greenpeace, Bulgaria.


The Rainbow Warrior program in Varna includes a press conference with information about the European tour and events in Bulgaria, training appropriate for a wide range of people about the nature of solar energy and its importance for energy, a round table on the role of citizens in the energy system of Bulgaria. Bulgaria.


Burgas provides a student innovation camp, a forum for energy solutions and lectures on renewable energy.


The organizers also provide documentary screenings, a puppet theater, demonstrations of renewable energy technologies and, of course, open doors for anyone wishing to view the ship.


Events are free entry. People who visit them will have the opportunity to learn more about climate change and the role of the energy system in enhancing or coping with them. To see different inventions or developments for innovation, as well as to meet people from different countries working for the benefit of nature.


The doors are also open to volunteers. They can opt-in after contacting us ( and after undergoing special training.


The ship will cross many European countries, starting from Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, visiting Poland, Italy and Spain, and then going north.


As part of the preliminary program for the arrival of Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace - Bulgaria is organizing a screening of the award-winning documentary How to Change the World at the Vlaykova Cinema in Sofia. It will be held on 22 on May, Wednesday from 19: 30, and is free to enter. The film is dedicated to the creation of the organization.

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