When I received the colorful cover of the spectacle, the size of a holiday card in the underpass of Sofia University, I expected it to be another advertising brochure aimed at selling me a ticket for the new title, in the repertoire of a small and still passing theater. I looked through the card and immediately realized it was something else. I had in my hands an extraordinary drawing that told more than an entire television advertisement could. Original and detailed in every detail, the cover instantly directed me to the surreal, the comedic and the innovative.


The title "La Comedy" was accompanied by the inscription "physical theater" that ignited my imagination. I was engaged in physical theater and this is definitely missing from the Bulgarian scenes. The Crying Trio sounded more like a circus troupe to me, and it turned out to be quite true. La Comedy is definitely the missing element that was long unknowingly awaited by the Bulgarian audience to break the stereotypes and to revive the monotonous repetition of the classic titles or the groundless sinking into the psychology that dominate the theatrical scene.


The Plachkovy Trio is a family of circus artists with a rich biography and numerous performances on the world stage, as well as a bunch of international awards. Stefan is a native of Yambol, graduated from the Moscow circus school (with acrobatics), then became part of the troupe of the Krone Circus and the Balkansky Circus. It is with the Krone in Munich that he meets Alina, a seventh-generation circus artist of French-Belgian descent, and in just a few weeks the spark of love flames. Communication is difficult, he speaks Russian, she speaks French, but both speak excellent body language. Their participation ends and she leaves. Stefan sends her a letter written in Russian. She receives it and sends it to her grandmother, a Russian who immigrated to France during the revolution. The answer that comes back to her is, "This boy wants to marry you." Alina responds with "Yes" - which is understandable in all languages. To this day, they work and live together, recently including their 14-year-old son in performances.


La Comedy is an auteur performance in which Alina is a director and was created in Bulgaria. The idea was inspired by Charlie Chaplin's daughter, Victoria Chaplin, with whom they have a longstanding friendship. Victoria has repeatedly invited the family to work together, thus continuing the artistic partnership that began between the two families. It dates back to the time when Alina's great-grandfather, George Davis, played with Charlie Chaplin in the movie "Circus" - a century ago.

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The performance contrasts sharply with the established pattern of Bulgarian dramatic as well as musical theater, which is a huge plus. He seems to be coming to refresh the atmosphere, to breathe new life and to offer a new perspective on the creation of a theatrical performance. In this way he combines various forms of performing arts - pantomime, physical theater, comedy dell arte, dance and circus art. There is no equivalent to this mix of genres in our country. Extremely sophisticated and well thought out performance. In it, every gesture, every gesture is thought out in advance, without being intentional. Nothing happens by chance on stage, but that doesn't stop the spectacle from surprising. The movement comes as a reaction to the previous one, it narrates without illustrating. This, in turn, is really difficult - telling a story so that it can be understood without using a single word. The synchronicity is delightful, and the ease and dedication with which the artists play is impressive.


Comedy is, in the beginning, the more difficult genre - it offers many traps and the ability to simply repeat something without giving it originality and authenticity. We see great mastery and mastery of ourselves here, and the situation remains a fun experience. The plot is familiar, even banal, because of its repeated interpretation in films and plays. A young woman in love with the scene dreams of love and Hollywood. When she finally gets on stage and starts looking for herself, she discovers her talents and realizes that what she was looking for is not really the stage. Only love remains the center of her life. But this familiar story in La Comedy sounds new, infinitely natural, with all the main character's naivism. This is exactly the power of artistry - to convey the already delivered so that it sounds like the first time. And the story becomes unique.


Another interesting approach is the already modern and necessary "demolition of the fourth wall" and the involvement of the audience in the performance itself. It is no longer enough for viewers to watch the game, they want to get involved and co-sponsor the show. The Crying Trio gives just such an opportunity. The audience, sometimes unconscious, takes part in the performances, moving out of their comfort zone into a comfortable and secure seat.


Stefan Plachkov was blessed by Pope John Paul II during a participation in the Balkan Circus in Rome. At a private show in the Vatican, the pope congratulated the whole troupe, stopped in front of him and stroked his head. Then Stefan kissed his hand and received a blessing.


Going back to the pantomime, to Charlie Chaplin's physical comedy, and to those expressive means that often say more than words can, because of their freedom and prejudice, gesture, is perhaps the key to modernity, which is increasingly returning to the language of the body. And this proves that for every genre and every type of art, time does not pass so quickly - there is always someone to appreciate it.


The fact that the family has chosen Bulgaria for the creation and presentation of this performance is a great compliment. According to Alina, Bulgarians are very warm, kind, open and breathing lightly in Bulgaria.


La Comedy's next show can be seen on December 31 from 15 at the New Theater of the National Palace of Culture.


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