It turns out that our pets and our pets can be trained not only to detect drugs, bombs and pesticides, but also to detect cancers in humans! And Max's devoted devotee doesn't even need training!

Dogs have a unique olfactory ability to smell the disease in the breath or urine of sick people. The results of the studies in this area are amazing - dogs are able to successfully identify patients with breast and lung cancer with an accuracy of up to 88%.

Scientists confirm that cancer has a specific odor, but they still do not know how to identify it, but apparently dogs do.

With the help of their four-legged assistants, scientists are developing a special device, the "electronic nose," to be examined. However, the device is not as accurate in diagnosis as dogs. At the same time, a number of institutions are involved in training and training dogs. Training usually takes from 6 to 8 weeks, after which the pet is ready to prevent the deadly disease.

The amazing story of Max and Maureen tells exactly how Maureen's beloved Max literally saves her life by shedding breast cancer and persuading her to do further research after a regular and prophylactic examination shows no positive results for the disease.

Max and Maureen are very close. Like any dog, Max is very curious, playful and observant, despite his advanced age. At one point, Maureen notices that Max is starting to act weird - he gets tired, looks sad, doesn't want to come or sit with her. Maureen's initial reaction was to assume that it was time for Max to leave, and that was normal behavior for his age. However, Maureen noticed something else. Max often came to her, sniffed her breasts, and then pulled back with bent ears and a miserable look. Some time ago, Maureen felt a small bump in her breast, but her latest mammogram showed nothing unusual, so she and the doctors decided it was just a swelling of the lymph node. After Max starts acting weird, Maureen connects the two and decides to do some new research. Again, the scanner and mammogram do not show anything wrong. However, she decides to trust her best friend and goes further - requiring a surgical biopsy. Only then did Maureen and the doctors realize that the disease had just begun to take shape. Maureen undergoes surgery and doctors manage to remove the lump successfully. Max's behavior changes dramatically - as soon as he sees her back at home, he becomes the old, happy and active dog he has always been.


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