On May 30, for the third year in a row, the "Cooltsalon" brings together countries and cities in a simultaneous creative conference - "Cooltzine". The theme for 2020 is "Change". This year, the cities of Sofia, Belgrade, London, Vienna, Berlin and Paris are included, with speakers participating in the discussion, but no host seats, in connection with the measures taken around the Covid-19 pandemic.


The event will also feature the third edition of the co-created eponymous ""Cooltzine". The associated print publication is curated by Kultsalon in order to provide an accessible platform for the expression of creative minds, regardless of their career or education. The pages are created from works submitted through an open invitation to participate. Co-author of one of the pages this year is Maxim Mokdad - architect, graphic designer and musical multitalent. He is known to the audience both for his poster illustrations and for his collaboration with Margarit Alexiev (1000 Names), OOHS !.


The event is held in English. Thanks to Cisco's Webex platform, participants in each discussion will be connected to each other via live video streaming, with the option of two-way communication, including questions from the audience.


The Urban Researchers panel offers the perspective of architects, planning and urban planning specialists, researchers, consultants and activists whose work seeks to improve our common coexistence with practical methods.

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The Curators panel is the perspective of those who initiate and produce cultural and creative events, projects and collaborations. They contribute to the development of new opportunities and connections between individual sectors, independently or as part of a cultural / creative organization. Screening hours offer a real-time experience of the same content. The video works will be broadcast in "live stream" mode, recreating the feeling of a movie projection - without a "pause" or "re-watch" button. It will be followed by the panel "Creative Interns", with the participation of the authors artists. The "presence" of the one-day event is done with pre-registration and received Webex access link. More details here.


The Bulgarian participants in the discussions are: Hristina Kamenova, architect ("Urban Researchers"), Hristo Hristozov, cultural consultant and business coach (discussion "Curators"), Margarita Kudrina and Georgi Tomov Georgiev as "Art Related Foundation" (discussion "Curators") , Vasil Vladimirov, Operations Manager and Exhibition Programmer, “KO-OP” (discussion “Curators”), Daria Chapanova, visual artist (discussion “Creative Interns”), with the premiere of a video work made especially in response to this year's theme for change . Screenings also include The Wanderer (“Errance “, 5 min, France-Serbia) by Clement Bedel, French artist, until recently living in Belgrade, and psycho-geographical film-essay "Channel" ("Canal ", 11 min, UK, 2019; official selection "Sheffield Doc / Fest 2019") by British director and composer, Chris Penty. Both will take part in the panel discussion "Creative Interns" together with Daria.

About Kultsalon


In its current form, the Cooltsalon operates on three levels: an online expression platform, a network of like-minded people and a curator of art and interdisciplinary events and projects. Founded by Olli Gotz in Sofia in 2014, Cooltsalon does not have a physical headquarters, but implements site-specific projects, created in partnership with many talented teams. in Bulgaria and around the world. The main motivation has always been to provide opportunities for self-expression of individual voices hidden in the collective urban rhythm, and over the years these opportunities are expressed in a series of diverse events - more here: https://cooltsalon.com/projects/


Cultzin Project


In May 2018, Kultsalon tested a "global" format (a combination of "global" and "local") to exchange ideas: a one-day, simultaneous exhibition (video installation format), in which several European capitals presented the same selection of works in front of its different, local audience. The works were collected from the open call for the co-created "cool" ("Cooltzine"). Each of the participating cities (host locations) received the same video installation file and the same number of printed "zines" for on-site distribution, and visitors to the event had the opportunity to watch a live video stream from the participating locations.

Video from last year's edition 

It was decided to establish the project as an annual event and for the second edition, in May 2019, the format was expanded to include live video discussions between the participating cities, using Cisco technology "Webex". In this way, the focus is on the experience, not the "zin edition", which, however, is a mandatory element of the project. 

"Cooltzine" is called a one-day event held in several countries and time zones, as well as a co-created "zin" associated with the event in question.

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