Here we present a real, influential and active organization in Bulgaria. In the future, we from the team of Bulgarka magazine will closely monitor the progress and deeds of the participants in the public group "When we become 100 - we will plant a forest." We will try to introduce you to all new projects, goals and achievements of the organization. We will soon present you an interesting conversation with the creator and Nikola Rakhnev. This is how the idea came about and what has been achieved so far.

The idea came about at the end of 2011, in the form of a pure "From People to People" initiative, which aims to plant new forests and trees for Bulgaria!

"Our goal is also to leave a better planet for our children and better children for our planet!"

PLANTED Till the moment: 125 500 trees
IT'S YOUR PURPOSE TO PLANT: over 1 100 000 trees, featuring as many young people as possible, schools and kindergartens.


"We believe that every great journey begins with a small step in the right direction. Each one of us can make a change for the better, and when many people want to make the world more beautiful, better and cleaner, driven entirely by good and selfless intentions, the whole universe will help us!

We also believe that by doing good, we can change ourselves, the people involved, as well as the whole world!

We believe that children are our future and if they are more informed, more active and part of the process of planting new forests, the future will be more responsible, more caring and cleaner!
Thank you for your support! Thank You Earth! "

Here are some ways to help:

  1. Visit the section Events and see how you can go to the upcoming afforestation!
  2. Tell your friends about the idea! Tell us that there is hope that together we can and will succeed!
  3. Help With Your Dream Nursery - 36 makes dreams come true in the fabulous Balkans near Etropole, where saplings are grown!
  4. Do something good for nature - every act counts! Clean somewhere, plant something, help a plant or animal!
  5. Plant a tree, through a donation program, for every 77 stotinki that the organization receives, they will plant at least one tree!

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