Reading is a fascinating and rewarding activity. The challenge comes when we try to make our little heirs believe in the magic of books.

Each generation of children faces new temptations that engulf the mind and fill their leisure time. In our childhood Internet, video games, social networks, Skype were not popular. We played in front of the block, watched animated films on television and read books. It becomes increasingly difficult for modern children to develop reading habits. It must be remembered that the love of books is "sown" in the child's mind gradually, from an early age. In this respect, the role of the parent is of great importance. The influence a child receives from their mother and father during the first 7 years builds the foundation on which his or her personality is built.

Positive attitude and patience must be present. The attraction to books is different for every child, so the parent should think carefully about how to approach it.

Read at the same time and watch the progress

Make a list that includes several (5-10) book titles that you and your child will read at the same time. Make a table, curve or simple diagram that reflects the progress you are both making. A great whiteboard would do an excellent job. It doesn't matter if the 15, 20 or 30 pages the child has read, consider this a significant achievement in itself. Children receive the most effective motivation from their parents, so their example is very important and acts as a starting point for individual development. Thus, we come to the logical conclusion that parents' achievements are at the heart of success in their children's endeavors.

Easy access to books

Kids' books should be located closer to them than, for example, a computer or TV remote control. Thus, the chance of the child first opening the pages of the booklet rather than switching the TV channels is far greater.

To encourage your children to read, you must choose a strategy that combines what is useful with what is enjoyable. Find out what your child is most interested in. Let's say he likes knights or robots and spaceships. Buy books on this subject. Choose the ones that have more beautiful pictures and you will see how slowly the kid will sit down to look at them and respect them. If the story told in the book manages to intrigue it, then you're on the right track.

The parent as a role model

Children copy the behavior of their parents, at least at an early age, so it is important then to suggest that they should respect the books, point out their usefulness. When you teach your little ones to recognize letters, to speak and to read smoothly, you can use different ways, including improvising, even when in the car. Ask the child to read a label on the chocolate, greeting card, billboard, shop sign, or product label.

Children's magazines and comics

Explain to children why it is so important that they be able to read and why reading is not only about books but about everything in life. Children's newspapers, magazines and especially the comics they bring great inspiration to the young audience. According to experts, boys are more challenging when it comes to developing a love of reading than girls. Most kids books have a hard time gaining the attention of boys. This is the moment to introduce them to the wonderful world of comics and graphic novels. Keep track of your child's interests and refine your search for books based on them.

Display field

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Recent research shows that when children are free to write on topics they find interesting, it greatly increases their productivity and mental development. Therefore, do not restrict your child from reading it only to books taught at school. Give it as wide a field of expression as possible. Bring him books by contemporary authors who write for children, such as Yu Nesbo (Doctor Proctor Dust), Camila Legberg (Super Charlie Series), Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird), J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter), Clive Staples Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), Tolkien (The Hobbit), John Green (Where Are You, Alaska, Wines in Our Stars - Mostly Teenage), etc. .

The benefits of smartphones and tablets

Mobile devices are now an important part of our daily lives. One of the privileges of having a tablet or smartphone is access to a large number of applications related to reading, listening and writing. App stores offer a wide range of mobile programs that any parent could engage with their child for hours. For the youngest there are specially developed applications for learning the numbers, the months, the days of the week and this is presented in a very pleasant and easy to remember way.

Reading aloud

Children should be encouraged to read aloud. This enables parents to monitor progress and notice where the child is experiencing difficulties. Pick up a booklet and sit together, hug the child and randomly read a paragraph. Reading is like riding a bike. Once mastered, it is never forgotten. While the child is learning to read, the parent should be nearby and help. Children are more confident when they feel the support of mom and dad. The relationship between the child and the book is slowly built up, step by step. There will come a time sooner or later when the child will want to separate and read on his own.

The book as a gift

During the holidays, insert one of the gifts in addition to the usual toys you promised him with a book. This gift should not be basic, and the child should receive it, among other things, so as not to feel that you are squeezing it. Reading books is a personal choice, not a imposed one. Choose luxury books with beautiful covers, glossy pages and interesting pictures. In recent years, publishers have increasingly emphasized the beautiful design of children's books, which greatly facilitates parents because children themselves feel drawn to the look and contents of the book.


Audio books also have an important positive effect. They are permanently established in upbringing practice because they maintain children's interest in different stories and at the same time develop their ability to concentrate, listen, and understand. Audio books provide a good opportunity for a child to learn a foreign language by listening to tales in English, German, French, Russian and more.

Holiday Reading

Winter and summer vacations are a time for children to rest from school. This is not about reading. It is not proper to leave the child for months without reading. Go out for a walk together, sit in the park and take out your book, tablet or e-reader. When not looking at least one book for a long time, it inevitably leads to a regression in readership.

The strongest motivation is instilled in children when they see that parents are following their own advice. It gives rise to respect and inspires confidence.

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