The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our habits, says writer James Clear. In fact, 80% of our lives are determined by our daily routine. If we analyze the habits we have created and our lifestyle today, we can very easily build a picture of our life and health in 10 years. Unfortunately, for most people, dark colors predominate. Therefore, if we want a better life for the future, we must start working on ourselves now, paying more attention to those seemingly insignificant actions that we perform on a daily basis, without realizing that they will harm of our lives tomorrow.


In her book, 101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think, American writer Brianna West, who is only 28, shares the things we need to change if we want to have a better life in 10 years. . Of course, it all starts with a change in the way of thinking. We should look at each day as an opportunity to change our lives until we achieve that vision that usually remains only in our dreams, because we rarely take concrete action to achieve it.


Here's what Brianna shares:

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Can we be offline in today's world

Can we be offline in today's world

From paying bills, through shopping, buying plane tickets, online banking, to work and personal communication - in recent decades, our lives have practically gone online. From paying bills, through shopping, buying plane tickets, online ...

Identify the roots of your motivation!


Everything we do should benefit us. Yes, but we often do things that hurt us in the long run without even realizing it. If we have a habit that we cannot get rid of or we desperately want to change the reality in which we live, we must first establish what led us to this situation. Or what made us build this bad habit. Usually our habits have a deeper level of motivation - some hidden inner pain, fear or event that makes us repeat this action.


For starters, we need to stop perceiving ourselves as victims of our chronic problems, to stop "romanticizing" them because we think they serve us well in certain situations. In this way we recreate again and again situations in which to play our chosen role. Find out what feeds your fears, problems and pains.

Ignore problems, focus on solutions!


This may sound like bad advice, but in reality it is the only advice that would serve you in the long run. When you are constantly suffering from the same problem and constantly thinking about it or what you will "never have," you are forever in a situation of "not having it" and the presence of the problem. For example, if you want more money, constantly thinking about it, you constantly feel this lack and this prevents you from focusing on ways to get that desired money. If you dream of a relationship, thinking about it, you feel unloved and this prevents you from communicating and actually meeting the potential person.


What creates change is not the analysis of the problem, but the opportunity to see solutions beyond it. The goal here is not to solve your problems, but to act in spite of them. The change comes with the rebuilding of the city, not with standing on the ruins.


Stop consuming toxicity!


You are what you eat. Or - you are what you consume - not only through food, but also through the people you interact with and the actions you perform. Everything that surrounds us determines us - from work, books, people, habits, etc. We build ourselves through our habits and actions every day. If character is our rice, then habits are our destiny.


We cannot expect to be healthier if we continue to eat unhealthily. We can't sit on the couch all day with a phone in our hands and expect to become productive and successful on our own. Don't go out with negative people who take away your energy and crush you mentally. Think of everything you want to be, as if you already are.


Stop waiting for the right moment!


We often hear the phrase "I need time to think and decide exactly what I want to do." If you're actually using that time to make your life meaningful, that's fine. But if you use this as an excuse not to do something on the path to change, you will never achieve it. In fact, to change our attitude, we need to start by changing our habits. Not only does thought command action, but action often triggers another mechanism of thought. In this way we can eradicate the life we ​​live and live a new - better one.


If you're waiting for you to feel better or for the right moment to come, wondering why nothing's happening, it's because you're just not doing anything about it. So stop waiting and act.


Stop being "busy"!


Being busy means being lazy. Being busy means not knowing how to manage your time. People often "make" themselves busy or claim to be too busy. In both cases, it is to avoid something else, for example - to make an important decision for themselves or to organize their lives. In this way, they actually avoid themselves.

Learn to plan your time consciously. Work less, but more productively. Leave free time for yourself and the people you care about. Create a life in which you have peace instead of constant chaos.


Make daily decisions for long-term goals instead of your current desires!


Many people live for the moment and to satisfy their current desires. This means that they are guided by the instinctive nature of their desires or fears, which prevents them from setting longer-term goals and working for them. When choosing food for lunch, instead of asking yourself "what I'm in the mood for", ask yourself "what will give me energy and make me feel good not only now, but in a few hours, days, years". However, our body is ours and it is up to us whether and how we will take care of it or satisfy instinctive desires.


The same goes for other aspects of our daily lives. If we want to succeed in business, we need to ask ourselves what we can give up today or what to invest in to get benefits at a later stage, instead of suffering losses.


Changing habits is a slow process that requires discipline, confidence, and a conscious reminder of "why I do it." Do not give up on the first failed attempt. No one said you would quit smoking right away, start eating healthily, or instantly become super productive. Take care of yourself, do not delay making important decisions, do not get overwhelmed with work to avoid a problem and think positively about the future. If a 28-year-old girl like Brianna West can come to these conclusions and root them in her daily life, so can you!

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