The poet is a native Democrat, not only because his position as a poet does not inspire confidence, but because he serves the entire people and uses his language. So does the tragedy, where their closeness comes from.


Art does not imitate life, even for fear of clichés.


More than any other art, poetry is a form of educating the senses.


The common thing between art and sexuality is that they are sublimates to the creative energy of man, so there is no hierarchy for them.


The verse knows more about time than one wants to accept.

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In certain historical periods, only poetry is able to deal with reality by concentrating it on the dimensions of something that can fit in the mind.


Every choice is basically an escape from freedom.


Separation is more lasting as an experience than the time spent with another.


Beyond the final line follows nothing but literary criticism.


Writing poetry is also a dying exercise.


Poetry is the ultimate result of the language as a whole, and any analysis of it only means hell distracts focus.

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