We, the Man, created it this time, all together.

Let's look together at what we have created and compare the sensation and vibration within us. Does it bring us a sense of joy and peace, balance and understanding? It seems that it brings us more of a sense of embarrassment and anxiety, very well hidden but constant ?!

We all wish health, but we are getting sick. As much as we don't watch TV, most of us can't take our eyes off the explosions erupting in our heads, in the cracking glaciers and quietly starving children and adults around the world. The whole world is crazy, and we are trying with all our might to live peacefully, as if nothing is happening, as if we are not responsible. We repeat ourselves: - Nothing depends on me! So what could I change on my own?

Remember when was the last time you drank clean water from a stream? Did you ever think about the bacteria, heavy metals and parasites in it, or did you drink from the living fluid and bless the moment you were alive?

I think it is time we, the Man, humble our heads and admit that we do not own the world, that we are here for a little while and that we can live in synch. Why are we in sync? Well, this is not the idea of ​​naive living in peace, but a necessity for us to participate in the exciting process of evolution for a longer time. The other option is to leave as dinosaurs or atlanteans and everyone else before us who failed to navigate the process of evolution and fall away from it. Everything is moving and we are moving. And it changes and evolves. It disappears and reappears and dies and is born. But not! It destroys, abuses and pollutes your home, your body and your relationships.

Many questions and answers for each and every one. But let's concentrate on the basic ones.

What is the percentage of alkalinity in your body? Why am I asking you? You can read here >>>

How many plastic bottles, boxes, sachets, packages and gadgets do you throw away per week? Try to set them aside in just one week. As we will not think about the oceans and the quantities there….


This week, how many hours did you spend on Facebook or on the phone with a company listening patiently to the machine?

How close did you embrace, how much did you say you loved, how many books did you read and how many hours did you spend working on your favorite hobby, inspiration?

Did you say thanks to nature that it gives you air, water, food and warmth?

For the conversation, the silence with your beloved, how much time did you have left this week?

Is it flowing, the empty time… How long will we live blindly?

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