Let us introduce you to Ivelina Dobreva - Lecturer in the Department of Romance at Veliko Turnovo University "St. St. Cyril and Methodius. " Thanks to her efforts, dozens of specialists in the field of French and Spanish are graduated annually in Bulgaria: teachers, translators of technical and artistic texts, specialists in conference translation. Evelyn is a radiant, welcoming and smiling young lady. For her, teaching is a mission and a vocation.

Today, in our country, the idea is that in order to succeed you have to leave "this country" and get a job abroad. You have chosen to stay here even though you are fluent in written and spoken languages ​​and much easier than many to pursue abroad. Why did you decide to stay? What is your success?

This is indeed the reality. Even after graduation, young people decide to pursue their fortune and go abroad. The trend is that more and more young people leave the country after completing secondary education in order to continue their education in foreign educational establishments. When I graduated from high school, I also had the opportunity to continue studying in France, but I decided to stay in Bulgaria and try to develop myself professionally and intellectually here. When you have the power to pursue your dreams, you can be successful everywhere!

Throughout your studies, you have attended lectures, but you have also worked. Many people complain that it is impossible to combine learning with work. How did you do?

Of course, it's hard to combine the two! It might be a good idea to look for a job that allows you to attend classes. You also have time to prepare, not just to get to work. Is it these four or five years that prepare you for the essence of what you have to do? Nowadays, it seems that a part of young people perceive higher education as something compulsory after high school. I think it is better to think first in what field one wants to build their career and then to embark on the path to higher education. It is precisely such a well-thought-out choice that would contribute to building a good professional who wanted to learn exactly what he had written down. Good timing is very important! I personally enjoyed my job a lot during my studies, as well as the specialty I had enrolled, so I did both things with pleasure!

 They say that "teaching" is a vocation. I personally fully share this thrill - to stand in front of the audience and explain important and useful things. Why did you choose teaching at a university over school? I know that you had the opportunity to work as a teacher in a language school…

Perhaps one of the reasons I like teaching at university more than at school is because we work here with people who, after a few years, are about to "come to terms with life." For me personally, higher education is a preparation for life. This makes working with these people even more challenging and attractive. I can say that we are learning from each other and sharing experiences. Addressing students is "colleagues". We are aligned.

You love your hometown of Dobrich. You prefer to travel home by bus every week before settling in Veliko Tarnovo. What attracts you to Dobrich? What does your birthplace, friends, relatives and loved ones mean to you?

Yes it is! I prefer to travel because my love for both cities is the same, but most of my friends and loved ones are in my hometown. I feel very good in Dobrich, I have a better rest than my job duties.

 You have traveled to France, Spain… You have become friends with people from these countries. Isn't it tempting to stay where you have more opportunities for development?

I don't think living abroad means "more opportunities for development." When one has ambition, there are opportunities for development everywhere. The important thing is to believe in your own abilities and everything will be fine.

What are your ambitions in science? How do you see your career development at university?

I hope to focus on a dissertation topic soon. I have been thinking about it for a long time because after all, what needs to be written is scientific work and it is necessary that it contribute something to science. So far these are my only plans for the medium term.

As a philologist by profession, you often present philology as a complex science with a characteristic, difficult to understand language for ordinary people. Could you tell us something interesting to earn us about philology? Why should one devote themselves to this?

Philology is the science of language. And language is all that we need on a daily basis. Conversations with friends, social networks, interest communication, a way to express your own feelings: the basis of all is language. Language is a way of expressing yourself and being yourself. What’s more interesting than that - learning how to express yourself and be yourself? This is what you need to know about philology.

You are thinking of writing a thesis. Tell us more about her! Where are your specific interests? Why is it important to "give birth" to a thesis? What's the use of it?

I am interested in political language, style, rhetoric… I would like to give a scientific expression to the great messages in our public life: "What is offered to people to live better together?" "What is our common path to happiness? ? ”“ What is promised to us to be more cohesive, cohesive, responsible and good people? ”These very important topics are present daily in the media in one form or another, expressed in different words, the meaning of which, generally speaking, is "politics talks". I am excited about the purely linguistic (philological) means of having a good political conversation.

You are very positive and smiling. Usually, when we hear about science and the scientific community, we imagine serious and wistful faces. Where do you get the inspiration for your good humor and positivity? What would you like the readers of Bulgarka magazine to do?

It's all about working with young people. Their positivity and ambition can affect you very much and make you believe. Working with young people and calling them "colleagues", it seems that the age barrier between us, teachers and students is disappearing and we are all at the same young age, and I wish the readers of Bulgarian magazine more occasions for smiles! To learn to discover the beautiful and in the smallest things and to always believe in their own possibilities! For me, this is the way to happiness!

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