On January 27th from 19 pm in the gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press" will be presented the book by Jordan Radichkov "People and Spooks", as well as an exhibition with the original drawings of the author to it.


The exhibition will present for the first time to the public 18 originals of Radichkov's drawings, which complement his "heroes" stories.


People and Wickets appeared in 1990, at a time of turbulent change in the country. Although quiet, the first adult book illustrated by the author leaves an imprint in the history of Bulgarian literature and readers' minds with a single quote that will become the most recognizable phrase of Yordan Radichkov.

"Man is a very long sentence, written with great love and inspiration, but full of spelling mistakes."

For one reason or another, the quote is living an independent life, cut off from the entire text entitled "For Man" from the collection "People and Wizards". It goes like this:


"The human Bible is made up of these precisely words written with pathos and full of spelling mistakes. It is for this reason that it is written in such a marvelous way and is therefore readily admired by all. Even the illiterate wickedness can be seen standing on a punctuation mark, in the middle of the wordless Bible, and when looking at the scripture, it delves into deep reflection. "

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It is this "illiterate magpie" who will land on the writer's desk to tell his stories in the collection "People and Magpies". With the stories in the book, Yordan Radichkov manages to describe the whole existence of man, which is invariably accompanied by the life of the magpie and its wise, albeit illiterate, ancient magpies. In "People and Magpies" the reader will find many more timeless pearls, quotes and sentences from which every story in the book is embroidered.

This edition comes out with the original illustrations by Yordan Radichkov, which were created especially for his story writers. In them, the magpie will not only go wild in the human Bible. She turns out to be an eyewitness to the creation of the world, to the fall of Icarus, flying through Paradise and reminding man of his childhood and his past. And not only that, but God turns to her for advice on how to create man. With its magpie mind, the magpie will show God its nest, and man will be created according to this model: 

"It really has become in my image and my likeness, but looking at it as bald, it looks a bit like a nest in the head of a sorcerer. Even I, its creator, do not know in the future what will be waving in this nest! "

The book will be presented by Radoslav Chichev, and Anton Staykov will speak about the exhibition. The layout of the book is the work of the artist Sofia Popyordanova. The works are provided by the family. The exhibition is organized with the support of UBA.


The exhibition will be open until February 4.

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