Marco da Silva Ferreira closes ONE DANCE WEEK 2022

The performance BISON will be presented on June 5 at the House of Culture "Boris Hristov" The performance BISON of one of the most prominent Portuguese talents Marco da Silva Ferreira will close ONE DANCE WEEK 2022 on June 5, from 18:00, in the House of Culture " Boris Hristov ”....

"KITCHEN" takes over Sofia

"KITCHEN" is an author's dance-theater performance that crosses traditional boundaries and touches the audience through an alternative culinary experience on a non-traditional stage. BECOME A VIRTUE ♥ Date: February 20-21, 2021 Time: 18:30 p.m., 19:45 p.m., 21:00 p.m.

Copenhagen on the Bulgarian scene

Copenhagen on the Bulgarian scene

During the current theatrical season, Bulgarian viewers have the exclusive privilege to watch the shocking play by Michael Freyn - "Copenhagen". For 21 years after its writing, the play appeared on the Bulgarian stage to prove that the native audience needs exactly ...

The San Carlo Theater in Naples

The San Carlo Theater in Naples

The Teatro di San Carlo in Naples is the oldest operating theater in the world. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge. It is located next to the main square, Piazza del Plebiscito, and is ...

La Comedy filled the gaps in Bulgarian theater

La Comedy filled the gaps in Bulgarian theater

"La Comedia" is definitely the missing element that was long awaited unconsciously by the Bulgarian audience in order to break the stereotypes and revive the monotonous repetition of the classic titles or the groundless immersion in psychologism that dominates the theatrical ...

Revival of "Misunderstood Civilization"

Revival of "Misunderstood Civilization"

MDT "Konstantin Kisimov" presented a musical based on "Misunderstood Civilization" by Dobri Voynikov. After the premiere in the old capital, the performance was played in the country last season, to be staged as part of the festival "Scene of the Centuries" on July 27 -...

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