Sometimes art is in such surprising places that it is difficult for us to perceive them immediately. However, Ralitza Popova's handmade decorative lamps capture the eye and heart instantly.
The artist paints every detail with a brush, pencil and hand to make an otherwise imperceptible thing in the home a true masterpiece.
Ralitsa Popova graduated from the Specialized School of Applied Arts in Sofia and devoted her life to decorative plastics. She uses handmade paper or papyrus for her art lamps, which are sewn with raffia - a natural thread growing in the field. The bases on which Ralitsa paints are ceramic. They also hide their secret - made according to old technology, from the time of Ramses II - without a potter's wheel, with both hands only. In this way, each lamp becomes unique and cannot be repeated. Therefore, it is no accident that its lamps shine in the homes of hundreds of people in Bulgaria, England, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, USA, Russia and even South Africa. When one creates with heart, art becomes easier in souls and in homes.

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