The topic of rubbish is widely discussed throughout the world. The problem of subsequent pollution of the environment and water affects all levels of society. And several clean-up actions, once or several times a year, do not solve this problem. Microplastics that literally "flood" the ocean and then transfer to the table through fishery products are an underestimated problem.


Artist Arthur Bordalo, known in art circles as Bordalo II, from Lisbon, Portugal, has found use in this waste. Through the art of garbage, he wants to draw the public's attention to how this waste affects the symbiosis between man and nature. His hometown is the Mecca of street art, with many incredible paintings adorning walls and buildings throughout the city.

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As an artist, Bordalo II is also inspired by the home environment. He creates incredible sculptures, using whatever he finds from trash in abandoned factories or landfills. He is insightful enough and sees in this garbage a means of art, not just another scrap.


Through the "art of garbage", it tries to "awaken" the civic conscience of society and warn us of the global eco-catastrophe, which, however, is only the sole fault of humans. The more the public is aware of pollution and garbage problems, the more people will realize that things are serious. Extreme measures must be taken to protect our planet! We must also teach the next generations that nature conservation is one of the most important things, because everything in nature has its own natural rhythm and circle!

Unfortunately, society is already more a consumer and exploiter of natural resources. It brings to the fore materialism, forgetting its connection with nature and the harmony it gives to man. Along with the overproduction of products and the speed with which humanity consumes available resources, it produces the same amount of junk.


We should not forget the saying that what is rubbish for one person in the eyes of another can be treasure. He hopes that through the materials the sculptures are made of, people will think about what causes these materials to the environment and animals.

Last year, at the invitation of legendary Brighton musician Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim, Bordalo II recreated his sculptures at the Big Beach Cafe in Hove Lagoon - Brighton using trash. The logical choice was the legendary seagulls, a symbol of the city, as well as the football team of the same name, bearing the same nickname. The legendary Banksy and many other graffiti artists also worked in the city.


With the arrival of Bordalo II, people are hoping that the city will become an attractive place for many international artists and that the topic of garbage will receive a huge response until it is too late. 

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