Theatrical group "Stage Fever" are Zdrava Kamenova and Bogdana Trifonova. They carry the stage fever in their blood - they live it, they use it, they are inspired by it, it does not leave them both when they are in the spotlight and when they are in the shower. Bogdana and Zdrava tell real life stories, honestly, funny and fearless in "Appetite", "Tango in Space" and "State of Emergency". The latter is born naturally and necessarily during the… state of emergency in the spring. Actress Stefania Koleva will join the team, and on December 11, Stage Fever will play "Emergency" at the "Joy Station" club.

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"State of Emergency" is a comedy stand-up show with a captivating, original author's script based on real stories. Stories from the quarantine, which Bogdana, Zdrava and the screenwriter Svetoslav Tomov described extremely colorfully, tired and bored with the seriousness of the situation, lack of money, the crisis, terrible news, people with epaulets, people without masks, online training, worried about the lack of work, hairdresser , space and any normal social life. Zdrava, Bogdana and Stefania tell hysterically funny how they themselves experience the blockade of 60 square meters with a man, children and pets, and are not afraid to call things by their real names.


Tickets for the stand-up comedy, born of the covid crisis, are now on sale at the box office of "Fantastico", in the network of Eventim, Urbo and Ticketportal  and on-site Joy Station, which operates with limited seating capacity to allow guests to enjoy the show at a healthy distance from each other and with a full sense of comfort.


Meanwhile, the Stage Fever Theater team is already working on a new, second episode of "State of Emergency," this time a love affair. In principle, "it's funny because it's true", the team is already collecting real love stories - absurd, shocking, filled with impossible longings and awkward situations. On the Stage Fever Facebook page or by e-mail, the audience can send their love stories, which the theater team will include in "Emergency Love State", the premiere of which is already planned for February 2021.

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