Ivaylo Zahariev was born on 4 on October 1984.

The actor becomes famous for his role as the good cop Martin in the BNT series Undercover. In 2007 he graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts "Krustyo Sarafov" with a major in acting in the class of Prof. Atanas Atanasov.

He plays in the plays "Lieutenant Benz" on the novel of Dimitar Dimov, "Agents", "Underground", "The Savior", "The Iron Lamp" on the novel of Dimitar Talev and others. He stars in the films Gun, Suitcase and Three Stinking Barrels (2012) - written and directed by Georgi Kostov, undercover (2011 - 2016) by Dimitar Mitovski, Love.net, Hunting of small predators "- director Tsvetodar Markov.

Ivaylo Zahariev spoke openly about his belief in God and is dedicated to his cause of helping drug addicts. Together with their friends, they organize weekly meetings for people looking for a way out of their addiction problems. His personal cause is also to provide access to the culture, information and entertainment of the deaf in Bulgaria. Ivaylo is fluent in sign language and works with Mim-Art Theater, composed of deaf actors. A campaign was launched at the Bulgarian National Television (Bulgarian) to make sense of images to subtitle Bulgarian films and series in order to make it accessible to the deaf audience.

Curious to most people, and indeed admirable, Ivaylo Zahariev is an extremely principled and moral man to such an extent that the first kiss with his beloved wife and wife only occurs at their wedding ceremony. The actor shares that he and Marianne (his wife) together decide to maintain physical closeness to the marriage. In an interview, Ivaylo Zahariev says: “Physical closeness actually blurs the mind and senses. Emotions attract two people, but they are also confusing when it comes to making fateful decisions. I'm glad that before we gave in to our passion, we were able to get to know each other and make a decision to be together for a lifetime. I now believe that with Marianne we can meet every challenge of life and overcome it together. "

photo: theater-art-bg

photo: theater-art-bg

Nikola Stoyanov is one of the emerging young actors in Bulgarian cinema and theater.

He was born on 10 on October 1988. In 2011 he graduated in "Acting for Drama Theater" at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in the class of Prof. Atanas Atanasov, after which he continued his master's degree in "Theater Directing".

Nikola plays on stage at the Nikolay Binev Youth Theater, the Ivan Vazov National Theater and the Sfumato Theater Workshop in Sofia. Some of the productions with his participation include: "King Lear", "The Lady with the Camellias", "Carlson who lives on the roof", "Dear Elena Sergeevna", "Mr. Balkan", "Chicken" and others. He is widely known for the Revolution Z series as 15-based rebel and dreamer Tino. He has starred in the movie "The Migration of the Palamud", as well as in another popular series, Links.

In his interview, the actor said that for him love is everything and he believes in kindness and humanity. He is active and likes to do many things. He always finds tasks to fulfill and dreams to come true. We wish him good luck and believe that with his talent and work he will be able to conquer many scenes.

Marius Kurkinsky appears on the 15 October 1969 in the town of Novi Pazar with the birth name Ivaylo Vassilev Stoyanov.

He has been involved in theater since he was twelve. In 1993 he graduated from the Krustyo Sarafov Academy of Fine Arts - acting for drama theater in the class of Prof. Kirkor Azaryan, and after two years he also directed film directing with Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov. Marius Kurkinsky has won many awards for his acting and directing skills. They have toured his productions abroad with great success.

Along with numerous theatrical performances, Marius continually provokes himself with his one-man shows, which he is a director and performer. These are: "Don Juan" by Moliere (1993), "Song of Songs" by Biblical Texts (1993), "Matthew's Gospel" (1997), "The Man himself" by Andrei Platonov (1999) .), The Dream by The World in 10 Chapters by Julian Barnes (2001), Concussion by N. Haytov (2006), Bulgarian Stories by Works by A. Karaliychev, Folk Tales and stories (2010), "The Dream of the Funny Man" by the eponymous story of Fyodor Dostoevsky (2014), "Jubilee" by AP Chekhov (2015).

Marius Kurkinsky is a phenomenon in the Bulgarian theater. He is a creator fully committed to Melpomene. There seems to be something that excites him more than what's happening on stage. "Man is what he believes in," says one of Chekhov's popular quotes, and over the years Marius Kurkinsky has increasingly lived and worked in this direction.

He is a man in the process of change, he claims. The thing he believes in absolutely and unconditionally is God, and his personal philosophy and message to man is to realize his obedience to God. Marius never rests, he is charged with his performances, and his favorite moment of the day is when he goes to the theater. Nothing makes him laugh, nothing is funny enough to make him laugh: "I laugh like that, it's like a tick," says Marius. Everything can make him sad. He is infuriated by Marius Kurkinski. He loves winter, he likes the cold. His favorite time for walks is when the temperatures are minus.

Here is his philosophical attitude to love:

"The property of love is to exist. Whether it is shared or not, whether I want it or not, she just has it and we live in it. You don't love me or you don't love me. Whether you are together or not. Whether or not you are given. Love is just here. She doesn't ask if you accept it, the other accepts it. It just comes to the city where you live, finds you and so much. And it is already a problem for people whether they will create a deadly experience for themselves or accept it as part of their soul. I take it as part of my soul. I do not want anything, I do not seek mine, as the Bible says. Not rude. I think I live in love. "

Apostle Karamatev - one of the biggest actors in Bulgarian theater and cinema was born on October 17 1923.

He owned a stage technique enviable for his time. His talent shines on the stage of the National Theater, as well as on the set of his numerous films - emblems for Bulgarian cinema. As a teacher at VITIZ, Apostle Karamatev is an idol for his students.

At the age of 25, she married actress Margarita Duparinova, from whom she has two children - Momchil and Margarita.

Some of the films featuring the great actor are: "Morning Over Homeland " (1951), "Under the yoke" (1952), "A song for man " (1954), "It happened on the street " (1956), "Legend about love" (1957), "Favorite 13" (1958), "Specialist " (1962), "Knight without armor " (1966), "The White Room " (1968), "One Shooting Day " (1969), John Assen's Weddings (1975), and more.

Apostle Karamtev was born by the sea - in Burgas. He graduated from an Italian school and learned the language perfectly. Years later he could safely pass for a Roman. Even at a young age, his beautiful appearance, along with his talent, earned him such admirers that two huge suitcases did not keep him from collecting all the love letters he received. Even the first appearances of the young burgas turned him into a star. Those close to him say that he never spared power and went into his roles without picking them - he never sought "super roles".

The legendary actor was an extremely generous and compassionate person. It happened once to buy an old woman on the street new shoes, coats, hats and gloves. Under his tutelage were two poor students. He did not miss the troubles of his older colleagues, too - from Sofia a poor, fallen, but very proud and worthy artist - Karajata wandered. Apostle Karamatev tried to give him a "fee" once. Karajata refused to take alms and returned the money to the victimized and delighted actor.

Fateful is the age at which the Apostle Karamtev goes - barely fifty years old. It is as if someone above has heard his prayers go young and beautiful, not to endure the excruciating metamorphoses of old age.

He was caught dead during the shooting of the movie "Joan Assen's Weddings" and the role was played by Costa Tsonev. As if his early end was foretold in the 60 years, when writer Svetoslav Minkov invited him to write his memoirs, something that people usually do at the end of their life's journey. "I don't think I'm getting old. I want to die young, beautiful, cheerful, interesting! I'm not getting old. I hate old age. Diseases. Care. The worries. But let God decide! ”The actor responded.

When he received his medical sentence - cancer, the Apostle Karamtev began to shoot intensively. He wants to finish the movie started about one of the greatest Bulgarian kings. The team is in a hurry because Karamitev thinks he will have the power to play on the screen and Simeon the Great. But she gets excruciating convulsions during the shoot and straight out of her dazed and shabby colleagues.

Apostle Karamatev wrote his last letter to Nevena Kokanova. In it he says he is shooting with 37 kg. clothes and armor on his back, but he will fight. The letter ends prophetically:

"If I come to life, I'll call you again. You must be very dear to me when I think of you at my dying hour.

Signature: Candidate - The Dead Apostle "

Today, all that remains is the memory of the lovely "hash", the theatrical magician Apostol Karamatev, the faded pictures, the bands with his magnificent eccentric and tragic conquests on the small and large screen, as well as his roles on the radio. Not much, but it turns out that for a talent like Karamitev, this is enough to remain among the greatest figures in our national culture and art.

Vladimir Penev was born on 24 on October 1958. Since 1982 he holds a Master's Degree in Acting in Drama Theater.

He studied in the class of Prof. Nikolay Lyutskanov at the Krustyo Sarafov Higher Education Institute. Over the years Vladimir Penev has played on the stages of The Youth Theater in Sofia, National theater Ivan Vazov", "The Small City Theater Behind the Channel", "199 Theater." There are several memorable roles in movies and TV series - Something in the Air (1993), directed by Petr Popzlatev, Emily's Friends (1996), Lyudmil Todorov, Rhapsody in White (2002) d.), director Teddy Moskov, Patriarchate (2005), director Docho Boyadzhiev, Dzift (2008), director Yavor Gurdev, Love.net (2011), dir. Ilian Djevelekov, Undercover (2011 - 2016), The Undated (2013), The Fourth Power (2013), Adultery (2015), directed by Yavor Veselinov.

The specifics of his voice and his undeniable talent also provide him with a career as a voice actor. She is in the first TV spot for Mrs. Dutfire. She has worked on TV shows such as Twin Peaks, The X Files, The Scottish Fighter, The Red Shoe Diaries, The Monk, Two Men and a Half, Crime Scene: New York, Desperate Wives and many others. In 2013, he received the Dublart Award for Outstanding Contribution.

He has won numerous awards, including Golden Mask, Icarus, Askeer (1996), Askeer (2007), Rijeka (2007), Golden Chest (2000) ). In 2010, he was nominated for Askeer for supporting role.

Vladimir Penev is one of those actors who have long sought for themselves before mastering the art of becoming someone else and becoming one of the most prominent figures in Bulgarian cinema and theater. The beginning of his acting career began as a joke - as students with the actress Vanya Tsvetkova gathered in one company. Everyone was in love with her, including him. She once shared that she would apply to VITIZ and Vlado spontaneously announced that he had the same intention. Everyone laughed at him because, as the actor himself assesses himself, then he was "crazy and congested, and fat and pimple…

His start at WITIZ was a real fiasco. He had just been accepted and had to go to the barracks, and when he returned he could not make a sketch and his colleagues made fun of him. However, the clouds dissipated in the third year when he performed a Richard III monologue during the exam. Everyone expected to crash and fail completely, but Vlado Penev made such an incarnation that he admired both his colleagues and his teachers. His journey to VITIZ is marked by the great love that was born between him and actress Martina Vachkova. Their friendship continues to this day - the two often share their joys and sad moments. Martina Vachkova says of him: “It's all about me Vladimir Penev, do I think about him - I'm warming up. I don't know any other creature to love. My daughter is a witness, my mother, my friends. I watch TV, the phone rings. I may look at the saddest thing or be the most angry person when I hear or see Vlado - and I am warm. ”The circumstances collide so that the two do not marry.

The actor has one marriage behind his back that lasts 10 years. There is one daughter from her ex-wife, Yana. Adding to his undeniably great talent and the purely human virtues he possesses, according to his relatives and friends - a housewife, a homemaker, an excellent gardener, monogamous (given entirely to his daughter and wife), this makes him one of the most desirable and charming young people in Bulgaria.

Actress Cassiel Noah Asher was born on 29 on October 1971.

Her birth name is Desislava Krasimirova Spasova (Desa Krasova). The daughter is directed by Krasimir Spasov and Jewish actress Ruth Rafailova.

In 1993 he graduated in "Acting for Drama Theater" at the "Krustyo Sarafov" VITIZ with Prof. Kirkor Azaryan and Assoc. Todor Kolev.

Cassiel became known as a student at WITZ with her debut as "Yovkov's Albena" and her infamous role in "Don Juan in Hell" at the Sofia Theater in 1997. Performances with her participation are "The Lover" by Harold Pinter, " Sin Kutsar "(based on Jordan Yovkov's" Albena "), W. Shakespeare's" A Midsummer Night's Dream "with director Alexander Morfov," Hed Gabler "by Henry Ibsen, director Krasimir Spasov," Don Juan in Hell, "" Journey by J. Radichkov, Memories of a Revolution by Georg Buchner, Twelfth Night by W. Shakespeare, Joyce, Faust, Nothing Better, Good body. "

The actress also has a number of movie roles, including in the films The Mirror of the Devil (2001), directed by Nikolay Volev, "The Only Love Story That Hemingway Did Not Describe" (2008), directed by Svetoslav Ovcharov, " Behind the Scenes ”(2010), director Svetoslav Ovcharov,“ Julay ”(2012), director Kiril Stankov,“ Chameleon Color ”(2012), director Emil Hristov and others. In 2013, the screenplay for her first feature film, "Dress the Moon," was approved.

Today, Casiel focuses mainly on her own theatrical projects, in which she stands out with her unconventional and innovative view of modern drama of the twentieth century. Her directorial projects are "Amok" (2000), "Oxygen" (2003). , "Cocaine" (2005) starring Alexander Sano, where she was nominated for "Askeer" for the lead female role, "Anne - Dead Cities" (2007), "Nothing Better" (2010) with the award for best actress in Europe, "Claire & Madame & Solange. Game of Love and Death "(2012) - winner of" Icarus "(2013) and nomination for flight in art of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation," Theater, my love! "By Valeri Petrov - with" Icarus " (2015) for supporting female role and nomination for "Icarus" (2016) for music.

In 2000, the actress changed her name to Cassiel Noah Asher. "Cassiel" in Hebrew means the throne of God, "Noah" is a pearl, and "Asher" is a desert rocky territory, which, however, is argued by both Palestinians and Jews.

Casiel says he doesn't like to follow the rules - then the pleasure is lost. "The great challenge of life is to consider what is important and to abstract yourself from everything else." "It is important to move, to move, to be inspired, the home, the family are important. Also - birth and pain and joy and then death. So I realized that I was not interested in the results, only the game. "

Casiel Noah Asher is a creator - rebel, adventurous, addictive and ethereal. Actor Alexander Sano called her "Woman of Agony." She is annoyed that they see her as "scandalous" (because of her lack of composure on stage nudity). The only scandalous thing about her is the "talent that scandal" talent. Here, according to Cassiel, the talent is shocking and disturbing. He should not allow himself to be intimidated and silent for fear. "An actor cannot create from the position of a scared little man - this will not enthrall anyone with his magic."

Photo: montfiz

Photo: montfiz

Born in Burgas on October 31, 1964, Svetla Yancheva graduated with a degree in Acting at the Krustyo Sarafov University of Arts in 1986.

She is well known for many roles on the Sofia theater scene - "Small City Theater Behind the Channel", Ivan Vazov National Theater, Sfumato Theater and 199 Theater.

She is known for her films "I, the Countess" (1989), "Something in the Air" (1993), "Letter to America" ​​(2001), "Warming Up on Yesterday's Lunch" (2002), "Rhapsody in White" (2002), "And the Lord Came Down to See Us" (2003), "Investigation" (2006), "Jift" (2008), "Ave" (2011). ), Sinking of Sozopol (2014), Thirst (2015).

Svetla Yancheva's first meeting with the theater is in the second grade. The actress says that she has felt the need to have an unusual and adventurous life since she was a child. She is enrolled in a children's theater studio in Burgas and thus "falls into place".

For her, “theater is an island where you can do anything and achieve your dreams. This is the place where you heal your soul, pour out your fears and emotions… In rehearsals we have always dealt with the theme and the essence of the image you have to play… To reach self-knowledge, to discover in yourself unsuspected worlds, that's what we are engaged. And, of course, we have failed more than once. In any case, theater expresses the essence of what we could not have, of what we could not be. Dream, daydreaming about something else. And to indulge in it, you need a certain amount of recklessness… "

Svetla Yancheva does not like the eternal murmur and grunts and the people without dignity. She loves the nature of Bulgaria. The little things make her happy - a walk, books, movies, of course, the child, family and friends.

"While I work with her, I learn this profession," director Yavor Gerdev says of Svetla Yancheva.

"It attracts young and decent people as a magnet." - Georgeta Nikolova

"… The actress who can play everything… from drama, through tragedy to comedy… she is a huge potential and a powerful stage presence…" - Svetlana Pancheva, playwright at the National Theater.

Partner-Dream tells about Svetla Yancheva Vlado Penev, who is ready to play with her at any moment, because as much as she knows her, she always surprises him. Their mutual sympathy and purely human love between them leads to their good partnership on stage.

The acting presence of Svetla Yancheva is unforgettable. It can be vulnerable and fragile while embodying powerful energy and relentless will.

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