Alternative rock fans cannot disagree that Skunk Anansie has huge potential and is well deserved to be honored on the global music scene. The group really enjoys numerous and mostly loyal fans both within and outside their home country.

For audiences unfamiliar with their work, "Skunk Anansie" is a British rock band whose songs fall into the categories of British rock, alternative, hard rock, funk and indie rock. The cast includes four musicians, one of whom is the striking figure of the dark-skinned vocalist known as the stage name "Skin". Her real name is Deborah Ann Dyer. Her musical talent lends a distinctive sound, unadulterated sensuality and a pinch of exoticism to the songs. The other members are Ace (guitar), Cass (bass) and Robbie France (drums and percussion). In 1995, Robbie left the band and replaced him with Mark Richardson, who also appeared as a backing vocalist.

Skin and the boys have been playing together since high school. After completion, each takes its own path, which logically leads to the breakup of the four. Six years later, fate meets them again. The band was officially formed in London in February 1994. The name is a combination of the words "skunk" and "anansie", which is taken from West Indian folklore and means "spider".

Skunk Anansie's first appearance as a band was at London's Splash Club in March 1994. Participation was more than successful, with the band having a contract with One Little Indian Records. This starts the recordings of their debut album. Six weeks later, the album was released with the title "Paranoid and Sunburnt". The year is 1995. Two of the singles "Feed" and "Selling Jesus" are included on the soundtrack to the movie "Strange Days" by director Catherine Biglow, starring Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett.

In 1996, Skunk Anansie released their second album, Stoosh. It features the single "Hedonism", which is gaining worldwide popularity and has been nominated for MTV Europe's "Choosing an International Audience" award in the Best Video Category. Two years later, the musicians decided to change the record company and signed a deal with Virgin, whose label, 1998, released their third album, Post Orgasmic Chill.

In the 90s, when they are on the cusp of fame, Skunk Anansie made a world tour, allowing them to play on stage with other influential bands in contemporary rock music, such as Muse, Rammstein, Killing Joke "," Staind "," Bad Religion "," Aerosmith "and more.

In 2001, driven by a desire for a solo career, the band members announced that they were splitting up. In early 2009, eight years later, the musicians reunited to record several new songs, which they would include as a gift to fans for a compilation album of Skunk Anansie's best hits. The album is titled "Smashes & Trashes" and causes a furor!

The reunion of the band turns into an exciting event not only for the fans, but also for the musicians themselves, and they decide to continue working together by recording a new album. Wonderluster, the fourth in a row, will release in the fall of 2010, and the track You Saved Me will culminate in Zack Snyder's movie Sucker Punch: A Fictional World and not go unnoticed by viewers. In September, 2012 marks the release of their fifth album, "Black Traffic," with a massive European tour, featuring singles "Sad, Sad, Sad," "I Believe in You," "This is Not a Game" and "I Hope You Get to Meet Your Hero. "

The sixth studio album "Anarchytecture" is already a fact on the music market since 2016. On this occasion, the band decided to rejoice their fans with a new international tour, which includes countries France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc.

Don't miss the unique emotion of watching and hearing "Skunk Anansie" live. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most valuable contemporary bands in the alternative rock genre.

The tour by dates, places and countries:


February 04 / O2 Academy Brixton London, United Kingdom

February 06 / THE BATACLAN / Paris, France

February 07 / La Cooperative de Mai / Clermont Ferrand, France

February 11 Coliseu dos Recreios / Lisbon, Portugal

February 13 / Razzmatazz / Barcelona, ​​Spain

February 14 / Le Bikini / Ramonville St Agne, France

February 16 / Samsung Hall / Zurich, Switzerland

February 17 / Muffathalle / Munich, Germany

February 18 / Vienna Arena / Bezirk Landstrasse, Hotel Austria

February 20 / Nowaźnia Nowa Theater / Cracow, Poland

February 21 / Club Stodoła / Warsaw, Poland

February 22 / Club B90 / Gdansk, Poland

February 24 CK Zamame / Poznan, Poland

February 25 / Astra Kulturhaus / Berlin, Germany

February 26 Vega / Vesterbro, Denmark

February 28 Circus / Stockholm, Sweden

Márta 01 / Scene Center / Oslo, Norway

Márta 03 / Docks Hamburg / Hamburg, Germany

Márta 04 / Live Music Hall / Cologne, Germany

May 25 / O2 Academy Bristol / Bristol, United Kingdom

May 27 / O2 Ritz Manchester / Manchester, United Kingdom

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