It would be difficult to describe all the activities that Zdravka Kamenova is engaged in, but for that reason she will tell us what takes her to the Academy for Dramatic Writing "House for the Naughty". He will also tell us about old and new, exciting and dynamic, writerly and artistic, dramatic and inspirational projects he is working on. 

How did you get the idea of ​​the Academy and why did you decide to participate in the many projects and ideas around you?

She took the idea for me by the title - Home for the Naughty. It happens once a millennium that writers come from outside Bulgaria to share experiences. So it's not about letting go, and place and concept are tickling the imagination. In addition, I'm totally "hooked" by the 36 Monkeys organization, which is part of the Academy team. Everything they do is worth the 1000%.

You are extremely active and productive and always do something interesting and in-depth. What's going on around you right now and what projects are you involved in?

Most recently, after a lot of work and with the help of many like-minded people, we published our new text for theater with Gergana Dimitrova - "Welcome to Bulgaria". The voices of different groups of people are heard in the play. They speak in a choir, express common positions, sometimes disagree, "conflict", divide… The choir of mothers, the choir of pensioners, peasants, nationalists… Everyone expects a wave of refugees without having an idea of ​​what they are waiting for and fantasizes and experiences it differently way. In the text, an ecologist from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences studies invasive species and unexpectedly becomes pregnant in a magical way; villagers are protected from incoming jackals and refugees; nationalists carry out unsuccessful attack; an emigrant grows turnips in Germany and dreams of a talking jackal, etc. etc.… I am very much looking forward to putting the play on stage. Along with her performance, Gergana whirled a group of very interesting and pleasant actors and became a "magician" who must grow into a performance. Otherwise, in the new season, another of my theatrical texts, co-authored with Kalin Angelov - "Gypsy Wheels" should happen. In this text the spirit of a dead Indian elephant walks; aliens who speak only Roma land; children who live with dogs and TVs run on the dusty roads and… Enough telling! Welcome to watch it!

In November, with the support of the ALOS Center for Non-Formal Education and Cultural Activity, my second children's book, The Sock That Changed the World, will be published. It is with illustrations by Irina Vassileva where a white sock is looking for someone to pair with and meets a black sock… but no one is inspired by their idea of ​​being a pair! We are very pleased with the book and we do it with a lot of 'hum'.

How do you find the time to balance your personal life with work? What is your favorite summer event in Bulgaria?

Do I balance it? Ask my children? Rather, they balance me - they give me reasons for new tests. Everything in my life finds its place in every new text. So working without what happens in life is a blank sheet. My favorite summer event in Bulgaria is the summer and all around.  

Tell us more about Heart Math - an interesting name, strong team and stunning insights?

Mathematics of the Heart is a project of the Real Case Organization. They invited me to describe their internal and external movements. The text was born with, through, and for Irina, Ogi, and Skiller, and is their attempt at heartfelt intimacy with their audience. Along with research into the project and wondering how important our heart is, we realized that there were several people who lived with a mechanical pump instead of a heart. The longest lived with such a heart is only 6 months.

The book "Bob - The Little Metal Case with a Big Dream" was officially launched in October 2015 in Bulgaria. Tell us more about the story of this sweet story and where can our readers who live outside Bulgaria get it?

Bob turned out to be a very lucky box. She quickly found her readers and the book's circulation was low. The story is about a box of beans that falls into the bin but dreams of becoming a drum. In the garbage he meets a wooden spoon, which makes his dream possible. An important part of the story is Mac Mazen - an unpleasant bitten sandwich, Miss Pizza - a greasy slice of pizza, Mr. Burcan, a family of plastic buckets and a bunch of junk creatures ... And the best thing I've heard about the book is this: A mother told me that after reading it to her child, she asked her to be sent into space. The book can be ordered on the ALOS website -

Let's go back to the Academy. What are your expectations for this interesting event and which of the lecturers do you look forward to hearing?

In my cover letter to the Academy, I wrote that I expected to become a more lavish author and more disobedient. If that happens, it will be great. And I tuned in to listen well, because in order to be disobedient, you have to hear the others first ... Goran Stefanovski and George Dol are the people I look forward to.

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