Awakening is often thought to be an outdated form of preaching love and desire for science and education or inciting revolutionary action. It awakens nationalism in the people, which was necessary in the case of the Bulgarian people in order to free themselves from Byzantine or Turkish slavery and to achieve a kind of enlightenment. The people today do not need an awakening, because education is a mandatory element of our lives, and freedom and independence have long been achieved.


However, things are not so simple, because awakening is not a one-time act, the effect of which will be felt for a thousand years to come. Awakening is necessary even today, in modern society, which incorrectly claims that it is almost born learned, and no less than it was necessary for the enslaved Bulgarian people before 1878. Awakening is a mission and vocation that people like Peter Beron, Ivan Bogorov, Vasil Aprilov, Levski, Botev, Rakovski and others. have accepted as their duty and personal responsibility. All of them loved Bulgaria infinitely and appreciated the Bulgarian people, although they still remain somewhat underestimated by themselves.

Our low self-esteem and self-underestimation are largely due to the lost wars, the small territory. The long years in which we have been under one rule or another and the modest economy prevent us from appreciating what we actually have as a legacy from our great ancestors and from appreciating the potential we have. The very fact that we have a living king is enough to make us proud to be Bulgarians. Following are the scientific and medical achievements of our relatives, which continue to surprise us, the indisputable musical, singing, dancing and other talents, etc. All of them are proof that the Bulgarian gene is special or at least - it is not lower than that of other nations.

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However, the potential must first be discovered and then developed. And here comes the role of awakening. Today it is also important in order to preserve the much-needed continuity between generations, the absence of which would leave us without personal and national memory. Because when teachers and writers (ie awakeners) build a bridge between yesterday and today, thinking about tomorrow, through their activities and maintain the fire of curiosity about the history, geography and cultural life of the country, the memory of some generations spills over into that of others. It would be difficult to confuse the path we are taking, knowing our past.


Awakening is far from limited to this archaic understanding that is spreading everywhere. It can and does happen, even imperceptibly, in the most modern way - institutionally or not. And it is not at all necessary for the awakeners to declare themselves as such, they are among us and wake us up quite unexpectedly. Non-governmental organizations aimed at preserving our cultural heritage can be considered as a modern form of awakening. They are the ones who aim to form a thinking civil society, as well as the "green" or environmental organizations, which form in young people a desire to protect the environment and lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

What is more interesting for me, however, is the awakening that artists make without even calling it that. Writers and especially poets have always been the people who most easily reach the heart of the people and are able to provoke a revolution with just one verse. And this is because only they are able to expose liars and dictators, to tell the truth directly in the eyes of the people and to point out all the social ills in society and the state, with the smallest possible set of words, highly concentrated and in the most influential way. They are one of the biggest awakeners, because they can only wake up the "sleeping" for a moment and are able to cause the long-awaited change in the country.

We see this today, we listen to the poets who come out and read the verses of the protests, as has always happened worldwide. Artists and born teachers alone could cultivate a love of education and the homeland and open everyone's eyes. Today, the easiest way to do this is digital. Thanks to the Internet and platforms for sharing photos, audio and video materials, as well as direct communication, the awakening acquires a completely new vision and reaches an unlimited number of people much faster. Digitalization allows quick and easy sharing of information and engagement. And if this is done with a mission, in order to form positive qualities in adolescents, students, students and people in general, the awakening will be in sight.


There is a lot of talk about the spiritual decline of young people, about the complete lack of interest in education, science and the arts. The reason, of course, is the media, movies, the Internet and in particular social networks. But I do not completely agree with this, because the Internet gives access to an infinite amount of information and everyone decides how to use it. Social networks, through groups, pages and mini-societies, bring together people with the same interests, where they can share experiences, share their creativity and receive opinions from all over the world.


Things are always about personal responsibility, interests and aspirations. No one can be taught or educated if he does not want to. The digital and virtual environment can be used as a tool to engage young people's attention with useful things, giving them the opportunity to touch both science and art. It can also encourage them to think about moral and social issues or motivate them to invest in building their own business, with a cause that benefits society and the country. 

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