A letter to my friends to learn how to make movies together:

"I play

You are playing

We play

At the cinema

You think there is

One rule of the game

Because you're a kid,

Who doesn't know yet,

That this is a game and that it is 

For older people

Of which you are already a part

Because you forgot

That this is a child's play

For older people

Of which you are already a part

Because you forgot

That this is a child's play

What is it?

There are several definitions

Here are two or three

Let's watch

In the mirror of others

Let's forget and know

Fast and slow

The world And myself

Let's think and talk

Strange game

This is life."

~ Jean-Luc Godard, 1967

Meetings of Young European Cinema is increasingly becoming a space for creativity and exploration of cinema, developing year-round film education activities for young people. For the second year in a row, the festival has successfully cooperated with the initiative CinEd - a European film education program, thanks to which hundreds of Bulgarian children and young people are already reaching classic and contemporary European films.

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Since September, Meetings of Young European Cinema has been the only partner from Bulgaria to take part in the Cinema, One Hundred Years of Youth project, initiated and coordinated by the French National Film Archive (Cinematheque Française). Established in 1995, the program allows young people aged 7 to 18 to have a unique experience in cinema, combining theory and practice around a given topic..

This year, "Cinema, One Hundred Years of Youth" brings together 44 studios from 14 countries around the world, and the overall theme for everyone is "Playing Movies". The students who participate in the project from Bulgaria are the awake eleventh-graders Karim, Megy, Tsveti, Gabby, Maraya and Nadia of the National Vocational High School of Photography and Printing, together with their dedicated teacher Joanna Angelova, who is interested in film education programs. Meetings last year. "This is exactly the kind of teachers we are looking for. We realize that everything depends on them - the initial aspiration, the students' confidence, the desire and the results. "

Throughout the school year, students work with the festival team and their mentor Vasilena Vasileva, watch films, discuss them and shoot exercises that will gradually become a true short film. The film, made during the workshop, will be screened in Paris in June, when for three days children and young people from all over the world showcase their work, accompanied by teachers and mentors. Within three days, the French Film Library became a meeting place and cultural exchange. The Bulgarian students who will be traveling this year will also have the task of programmers and thus will choose, by watching films of their peers from all over the world, their program of films, which will be shown during the fourth edition of Meetings of the Young European cinema at the end of June, along with their own movie.

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