The young band celebrates the next page of its history with the premiere of Your YouTube channel, and the song is a brilliant introduction to the portion of new music, with which Kosso, Marti and Mitko return to the native musical landscape.


"Are we going to burn together?" comes with irresistible energy and is markedly different from the hitherto known work of Bloodrush - Surprisingly, the text is entirely in Bulgarian, and naked pop elements are chased with electro synths and heavy guitar riffs like a carousel. 


"Are we going to burn together?" is it a song about the truth that is universal, is there a common truth or does everyone have the right to believe in their own principles, ideals and understandings? ” - shares Kosta Kolarov, author of the music and lyrics to the song.

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Вthe video clip to the song is the first in a series of videos that Bloodrush plans for this year and is just a prologue to the whole story. He is the idea and performance of the "fourth" in the rock trio - Petar Tuhchiev - closest friend, fan number 1, witness to Bloodrush the story from its very beginning and the video memory of the band. The stylish video was shot in locations emblematic of the growth of boys who have been friends since childhood - Tyulenovo, where dolphins play in the sea, Yaylata, the oldest Black Sea lighthouse - Shablensky, fishing village Karia, Cape Chirakman, which, in addition to nostalgia , are also reflected with a totally new light in "Are we going to burn together?"

The special effects in the video are by IVAN TRIDE, a 3D artist who reconstructs the past with the help of virtual reality technologies. The dance of the past with the future in the visualization of the new song Bloodrush continues with the inclusion of the only car of its kind - an authentic replica of the car from the cult movie "Back to the future", which Kosso drives in the video. However, in addition to driving, he also urgently needs to learn to row, because of key moments from the video, which are played out on a boat at sea. 


The rock trio, which received a strong initial speed in 2017, with their first place in the musical reality show "The Big Rock Break", has two albums. He warms up names like "Evanescence", "Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons", "Tesseract" and "Jinjer". In 2021 he participated in the film "The Naked Truth for Zhiguli", today he is part of the independent association of alternative musicians Projector Plus and methodically plans his next steps. 


 Bloodrush they already have several fixed dates for live concerts - play in the capital's club "BUY" on April 16, on April 17 in Plovdiv c Bee Bop Café. Follow social media for concert news and more new music. 

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