The light is dimmed. The music is unobtrusive. With a slightly raised voice the entertainer announces the start of the program - a cabal burlesque in Paris. I don't know what to expect. I know that I am looking for the authentic spirit of the French capital. From what I've read in books and seen in movies, I wonder if I'll witness the so-called "kitsch" trend in art - tassels, veils, feathers, scarves, wigs and a lot of makeup.


Before I go on, I should point out that a typical burlesque might be just that. However, the Crazy Horse cabaret, founded in 1951 by Alain Bernardin, has preserved the tradition of culturing the beauty of the female body to this day. Nudity is an integral part of the show, but by no means leading. The women on stage are at hand and at the same time a mirage thanks to the incredible light effects. They reveal or conceal bodies in a way that provokes, but does not demean, entice, but does not allow, at the same time puts emphasis, but without categorization.

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Over the years, the program has attracted and attracted many celebrities such as: Lana del Rey; Alain Delon; Dita von Teese; Gaspard Ulliel - If the name doesn't say anything to you and you're into French cinema, watch "It's Only the End of the World"; Sting; Pedro Almodovar et al. I list these names to distinguish the spectacle from simply erotic dancing in a bar frequented by thirsty flesh-eyes. What happens on stage has always been beyond the boundaries of ordinary burlesque, not cheap striptease, but an act that blends the concepts of dance, femininity, body and control.

However, before the start of the show, mixed thoughts shot through my mind. What will I actually see? What do these women look like on stage, yet does the broadcast speak too much about the attitudes and attitude towards their work, their own bodies, their nudity? Will art prevail, or only sexuality?


The energy that spilled during the various performances reached every single spectator in the audience. The ladies were so confident, sexy, moving with such control and glamor that the thought of their attitude towards what they were doing, and the attitude of the audience, respectively, was in any way condescending, simply evaporated.


Subsequently, I learned that casting applications exceed 500 annually. And despite the restrictions and strict requirements (such as height, for example, girls should be high between 164 and 172 cm., Distance between nipples - 21 cm., Distance from navel to Venus hill - 13 cm.) And striving for natural beauty, or several months of intensive training, including classical ballet, which are compulsory for approved candidates. "The distance from the heel to the intercostal space should be equal to the distance from the intercostal space to the forehead," Bernardin himself said.


In 2012, there was a Bulgarian woman, the mysterious Hannah Shannana, among the girls of Crazy Horse. "Crazy Horse is the hardest scene I've been lucky to get to," she admits. Being a crazy girl is not just a job, it is a feeling of freedom, success, happiness. This feeling comes not from the idea that nudity is taboo, but from the cabaret dancing, as an act of rebellion, as it was in the past. The feeling comes from the idea that you create art with your body, that you declare yourself through it, despite the uncertainties that every woman experiences to a certain extent.


According to Andrée Deissenberg, the woman at the helm of Crazy Horse for the last 12 years, every performance of the show's nearly two-hour program elevates femininity through a pronounced aesthetic and a flair for art. "Women always feel it, whether on stage or in the audience," she says. And the feeling he wants to leave in the audience
(far from being made up solely of men, even on the contrary!) is for a free and strong woman, with control not over the opposite sex, but over herself and her own life.


After all the la folie of beautifully adapted music, a unique blend of light effects, sex appeal and dance, I wanted to re-think beauty, seal it and recreate it with words, but I can't. So visiter un cabaret et en profiter soi-même (Visit cabaret and enjoy!)

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