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For the first time, we tried to see the majestic Emen Canyon and the picturesque Momin Skok waterfall 5-6 years ago, but then we didn't make the path. We got tangled up in thickets along the river, just after the cave, and couldn't get anywhere.

This time, determined to see the waterfall and fully charged with the energy of just visions "Kapinovski Falls ", we were ready for anything or at least to see it, even with the price of changing our plans for the evening. And we succeeded! We stood by him for an hour, holding his breath in front of his incredible and enchanting beauty.

Momin jump waterfall

In this article, I talk about our walk to the Emeni Canyon, Momin Skok Waterfall and Negovanka Dam. The trail that traverses them, the Negovan Eco Trail, is one of the first and most visited eco trails in Bulgaria.

The Emen Canyon is located near the village of Emen, Veliko Turnovo, and the river that cuts through the high rocks is called Negovanka and is a tributary of the Rositsa River. The village of Emen itself is located about 25 kilometers northwest of Veliko Turnovo and 8 kilometers from the main Sofia - Veliko Turnovo road. To get to the village you have to stop for Balvan and through the center of Balvan - for Yemen. It passes through Yemen, and after a meadow, it continues on a nearly right turn. The trail starts at the exit sign of the village, to the right of the highway. There is a convenient roundabout around there that the car can be left behind.

Along the Negovan Eco Trail

In the beginning, the trail is a cycling road. After the first 5 minutes walk, you reach a cave, one of the landmarks on the trail. The place under the cave entrance is concreted. This, on the one hand, creates convenience for access to the cave, on the other hand, this concrete does not look very out of place and spoils authenticity.

After the cave there is an arbor, after which the path turns left and continues through the rocks to climb up to the plateau. And there the views of the Negovanka River Gorge began to decline.

Not long after, the trail enters a grove that creates a nice coolness if the weather is hot, as it was when we walked.

In this part the path branches into two parallel parts. One of which goes through the grove, and the other moves along the edge of the cliff. The first part offers shade and coolness in the summer heat, and the other, dizzying views of the "Yemen Canyon". But with this, the second part must be very careful, because it moves on the edge of the abyss. In the highest part of the path there is a rock, from which you can see, in addition to the gorge, the dam. For reference: From the beginning of the trail to this rock walk about 45 minutes. So far the path is not steep and it is easy to walk on. As I mentioned above, care must be taken if you are moving to the edge of the cliffs.

Negovanka Dam

From this highest point begins the difficulty as it follows a steep and slippery descent for 10-15 minutes. There were wooden steps in time, which is said by some remnants of them. As it descends to the river, the trail branches. The walk goes 5-10 minutes to the dam, and the waterfall turns right.

Momin jump and around

From there, after the turn to the right, you can already hear the roar of the waterfall. There is really little left - two rocks, a wooden bridge and the enchanting beauty formed by the high rocks located in a semicircle, the pond at their foot and the water falling in the middle, can already be seen. Only from the sight of this unearthly place do you understand that it is worth all the effort. We stood there for almost an hour, enchanted by the waterfall and the atmosphere. The waterfall is not high - about 10 meters, but it is very beautiful with the way it falls into the picturesque lake. And the high rocks around visually separate the place from everything else.

waterfall lily jump

A visit to Momin Skok Waterfall and Emeny Canyon can be combined with a walk to "Zarapov Waterfall ", which is very close to the area, on the way to the next village of Vishovgrad.

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