The charming girl, who at the age of 17 caused a furor on TV with her performance of "Sweet child O 'mine" by "Guns N' Roses" and challenged Sonya Vassi to undress, is today a young lady who writes her own music and lyrics. , and is not afraid to be discovered and different.

We see her as such in her new project "Shadow of a Woman", where the singer tells the story of an impossible love, in which a lot of romance, passion, audacity and guilt are intertwined. There are no bad characters, but many questions, the answers to which cannot be definite.

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The singer shares that despite the ethereal and tender sound of the song (or just because of it), this is the boldest thing she has done in her music so far, because it tells a shocking and personal story that never ceases to excite her.


In the video she partners with the actor Todor Yankulov, with whom years ago they were a great tandem on the theater stage in the musical "Chicago".


Ellie says her biggest fear before the photos was whether she would be able to hold back her tears when the song was played on the field, because every time she listened to it, she couldn't control the emotions it aroused in her.


She is happy that not only exceptional professionals are involved in the process, but also her friends, who approach personally and with great enthusiasm.

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