Now we are sending you to a wonderful, creative and extremely natural place in the Bulgarian Balkans. This fabulous Eco settlement is called "Omaya" and is located not far from our border with Greece, between the villages of Nova Lovcha and Gaitaninovo. It is located on the southeastern slopes of South Pirin in the historical - geographical region of Mervashko. The complex is located about 19 kilometers south of Gotse Delchev. Situated amidst a huge natural park of 500 acres, two clear lakes, in the company of quaint cliffs surrounded by curly mountain paths and 6 quaint cottages.

The houses are made entirely of natural materials - the base is stone, the construction is wooden, and the walls are clay, more than a meter thick. The furnishings are fully in accordance with the preferences of the civilized people who have already been spoiled by the achievements of civilization. The houses have bathrooms with all amenities, underfloor heating and fireplace, radiators, TV, and the whole complex has internet.

One of the cottages is for four, the other two are for three, and three more for two guests.

Omaya Eco Village has a restaurant that accommodates the number of guests, in which the menu is made up of purely natural products, as well as individual

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