Houses made entirely of eco-friendly recyclable materials - this is the future of the planet. We, living in big cities, quickly become dependent on "necessary" industrialization, it is hard to imagine that such houses can exist. Above all, they perform the same functions and have the necessary amenities that we are used to.


There are already endless examples in the world of homes that are completely in harmony with nature and do no harm to it. They are small and well tidy, often choked in forests and mountains, sometimes near lakes, but they always give a very peaceful and cozy atmosphere.


Wood, glass, containers are some of the most common materials for building such homes. And these few are particularly charming and we can safely say that they are the houses of the future. They are also open to visitors and nature lovers.


Terre et Toi is a small house in France nestled in the Dordogne forests (Dordogne department in France) and is only 30 minutes from Bergerac and an hour from Bordeaux. Made of handmade natural materials that do not interfere with normal natural processes, it is a real discovery. Owner Sarah Daniel built the rooms herself using a number of organic elements - chestnut sticks, straw, clay plasters, hemp plasters. She chose them precisely because they come from the earth and are in no way at odds with it.

Terre et toi

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Sarah rents the rooms because she wants to share her experience and give the visitors complete relaxation. Staying in them, one can experience nature, contemplating the trees and the beautiful lake in front of this house, built in an area of ​​8 hectares of forests and gardens. The interior is spacious, bright, and for soft light at night, the house is equipped with solar lamps. There is a wooden deck on the small deck, with a kitchen and porch, with French-style doors. The deck offers great views and the opportunity to swim directly in the private lake. You also have complete freedom for long walks in the woods that surround the house on all sides. Sarah also offers homemade organic bread.


This house definitely complies with all the laws for an environmentally friendly lifestyle, which is a plus for both visitors and the environment.


"Earthship Patagonia" is an eco-friendly hotel and place of privacy in El Bolson, Argentina. Surrounded by beautiful, snowy mountains and interesting nature, this home is the result of dreams, hard work and a lot of creativity. The basic idea is to offer a sustainable lifestyle for locals and travelers. Through excursions, seminars, lectures and the opportunity to experience a different life on their own, the house's creators hope to teach people that an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly lifestyle is something easy, comfortable and enjoyable. With its own organic garden and original design that allows visitors to be connected to nature at any time during their stay, this house is capable of making everyone feel alive and spiritual.

Earthship Patagonia

photos: Earthship Patagonia / FB 

The house is built on 6 basic principles that make it extremely eco-friendly and environmentally friendly and force its visitors to live naturally and reflect on their own lives and relationships with nature.

- Thermal / solar heating and cooling - the walls are made of recycled tires and mud. This allows the absorption of solar thermal energy during the day and releases it in the form of heat at night. The house has ventilation chambers that create a cooling airflow if desired. This system replaces the traditional methods of heating and cooling.


- Solar and wind power - the house is equipped with solar panels that support the electrical system of the whole house as well as the water pump. The same function does wind power at the right time.


- Storage of waste water - they find great use in growing plants and cleaning toilets. The water is stored in special tanks where it breaks down without polluting the water mass.


- Construction with natural and recycled materials - old car tires, plastic and glass bottles, boxes and mud are the materials built into this house.


- Rainwater collection - the roof captures and stores rainwater, which is then filtered and used 4 times to reduce overall water use. The solar heater satisfies most of the hot water needs and has an additional heating tank as needed.


- Food production - a greenhouse is built with an integrated water system that allows growing vegetables throughout the year, and the external water system keeps the fruit trees fresh.


This way the house will give you a complete relaxation and rethinking of life on the planet.


Koe in de Costa - Earth House opportunity! It is made entirely of recycled materials and grass grows on the roof. This house impresses with its luxurious design, which in no way connects with rural life. Nevertheless, the house has a farm where every visitor can "work" - feed the cows, milk them, get involved in gardening and even drive a tractor.

Koe in de Costa

photos: Koe in de Costa / FB

The house also has its own bakery and supermarket. The place is surrounded by nature, close to Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park and is 20 km from the historic cities of Deventer and Zwolle. The wooden walls create incredible comfort and help us to feel nature with all our senses. The house is literally in the heart of a small hill, and the large windows reveal great green views. On warm days, the veranda is a great place for outdoor dining.  

The opportunity for visitors to take part in farming is not accidental. Horticulture, animal husbandry, and any activity that involves direct contact with nature helps us to connect with it, to feel it, and thus to build our overall connection with the universe. Because this land feeds us and it is our responsibility to keep it habitable.

Koe in de Costa

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