Elitsa Naumova was born in Troyan in 1992. One of the semifinalists in the first season of the musical format "Voice of Bulgaria". There are a number of awards in the field of music, as well as individual solo pieces. She is mainly involved in music, but at the same time, visual art becomes her passion and as "complementing the artist's creative expression". She has music and life in her paintings. As she herself says: “This inspiration guides me and so I know when and how to start, when and how to finish and finish them. For me, music and drawing are connected and bring spirit within me. Like every talent given by the Creator - God Himself, because it is a blessing to create, it is a blessing to rediscover… ”


Art is an integral part of you. But let's start with the music that, if I'm not mistaken, has been in your life for the longest time. Tell me how it all started? What drives you to want to express yourself in the world through music?


I started singing in kindergarten. I went on stage for the first time when I was six years old. I assume that every child emotionally takes their first steps in art or in any endeavor. I was a kid, but inside I knew it would be my thing. When it is your thing, you undoubtedly feel it in particular (as old as you are), because it is like this - to find your calling. The appeal is embedded in man. And I believe that each of us has one.


You are participating and you are among the semifinalists in the first season of the musical format "Voice of Bulgaria". Did that change you as a contractor? What gave and / or what took you?


I found great friends at Voice of Bulgaria! Since then, I have started to look at music more creatively, namely to write and create more boldly. My meeting with the 7/8 team seemed to be no accident, because it brought me influence, transferred me to another journey of my life, met me with an audience I did not know but who encouraged me to create. And I can only be grateful for all this.

In your opinion, are the many music formats, which are gaining more and more popularity, useful for a young musical talent?


The meaning of popularity is mainly to bring positive influence / influence, example and emotion (in my opinion). However, this is a little difficult if one has not yet found himself and is not aware of his nature. I wasn't either, but this whole experience has brought me closeness, and one that sets you in front of yourself, getting to know and knowing yourself. Now I believe, after a while, that all this is for good. And I can only say: well, there is a change!


On the other hand, the meaning of popularity should not be an end in itself. And in this direction, I think it is good to build. Subsequently, the time check will determine everything, namely whether you were ready for certain things or not. This, in the end, will show you how far you will go. The only purpose of all this is to grow in our calling and the opportunity to use it best and effectively (whether it is with music or something else in our lives). The benefit is determined by the attitude of the heart. I would say this in the conclusions of all this.

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You travel a lot abroad. Is there a difference when you are in front of a Bulgarian audience and abroad? Like emotion, feeling, dialogue, etc.


There is a difference and it is because of everything - culture, mentality, upbringing, opportunities. There are differences in preferences for the style of music (in this sense I do not condemn anyone). I'm just learning in time. I admit that it's been a little harder for me in Bulgaria lately, because I spent a lot of time outside. The expectations for the style at the moment are different from what I can offer. But, for joy, it's not everywhere. Because I see that where I am invited to participate, the atmosphere with which I am accepted is accordingly very warm.


Among other things, you are a copywriter. I can say that your texts stand out in their own handwriting. They are characterized by a special depth that seeks not only the sound but also a certain ideological-meaning message through words. What do you think about contemporary Bulgarian music and specifically the lyrics of a number of songs that seem to strive to depict the lack of ideals, chanting the material-real than the emotional-existential? The line between before (the 70s, 80s) and the first decade of the XNUMXst century is very clearly distinguishable. Especially in the poetics of the text.

For Bulgarian music and the time we live in right now - I can say the following: We need more light, strength and encouragement - both in the lyrics and in the music itself. In our country it is often dark because of all kinds of problems - related to politics, poverty, poverty. Therefore, the music that needs to be influenced should have more light, full of meaning and words of life within itself. At least that's how I feel. And knowing that music can heal.


I myself strive for spiritual growth so that I can offer such music one day - and more than that (I hope strongly). Things come and happen from the inside to be taken out, I think it's good to see what we carry inside us to grow spiritually, because it's not good to live in spiritual darkness. We must seek the truth, know our faith, see who we really are and what we were created to influence. In this sense, I love and always recommend the book of books, namely the word of God - the Bible. I have been studying it for three years and I can say that it is life-changing!


It is not easy for the Center to exist in the pursuit of glory and money, which is the direction of the social devaluation of values ​​today. There is something more important, namely personal responsibility and conscience, personal choice and free will that God has given us. Our body is a temporary tent on this earth (and I am aware of that for myself), so it is good for us to make good decisions, what we will harness it to work for, what we will harness for our will. Sometimes it's not easy, but no one has promised it will be easy. I answer your question without reproach, but with the awareness that I think is necessary, considering that I am also learning. I hope this is enough. I'll give you another verse to end here:
"More than anything else you keep, keep your heart, for from it are the fountains of life."


Now I want to ask you about your other passion, namely fine arts. How did you get on with it? You have told me that it comes into your life at a difficult time and becomes an existential island in the open sea then, if I can use a similar metaphor…


Your metaphor is great! I started painting really when I was in hospital with my dad. Because he got sick and we stayed for weeks in different hospitals. One morning I just woke up and it seemed like some strange ideas were being put into my mind. I wanted to go to buy brushes, canvases, paints immediately - so I did. Never had such a thing happened to me before. My first paintings were in the hospital. I strongly believe in God! I know that he is the one who can give and extend a person's gifts. I have no logical explanation for what happened, and I'm not looking for one.

You say your paintings are "complementary to the artist's creative expression". How do they dialogue with you, where do they flow to complement you as an artist?


Paintings have become such a wonderful part of my life! The colors make me excited! They can be like a vision, so it happens in life. You see something in your mind as a picture and then you start working for it, trying to visualize it. And indisputably, if you believe unconditionally, then everything can be fulfilled: "Everything is possible for the one who believes," - so says God.


How do the pictures complement me? By being able to draw my state, the state of someone else (inner-outer), to paint my dreams, to draw someone I love or something / someone someone else loves. The horizon of the expression is so wide, high, deep… As is the love invested in man, isn't it ...?!


Are there any names in the visual arts that inspire you that you learned from the beginning while looking for your own style, because your paintings are undoubtedly recognizable and in the hands of Elitsa Naumova?


I like expressionism. I like Van Gogh and his work, but I am still inspired by many different artists. For example, my good friends right now: Krasimir Kik, Vladimir Kirov, who are artists from my hometown. My personal communication and contact with them as artists is a huge encouragement and inspiration to me. And I want to paint just from my heart and soul, and like myself.


I still don't think you've shown your paintings in solo exhibitions. Do you intend to take such a step?


I really like the idea of ​​my solo exhibition. Just imagine my paintings along with new music that I haven't created yet, but I hope to come. I believe that the right time will come for all this, because I dream and strive, and the rest are the consequences of all this. I hope and believe that I will be able to someday!

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I noticed that you were already shooting professionally. What is the art of photography for you? What type of frames do you prefer?


Photography is my favorite too. I like to shoot artistic photography. People are different, each person carries his or her own unusual broadcast, which I simply seek to capture, namely in the sampler, in the way he wants it himself, or in my opinion (as far as he lets me). Photography is also a palette - color-coded - capturing moments of personality, of emotions. And you find in all of these things as much freedom as one moment can give. It's exciting!


We often associate this art with the expression "Carpe Diem ..." or the desire to capture the moment, to grab it. What in the world do you want to capture in our surroundings? And where or what do you see this moment in?  

I want to capture desires, dreams, expressions of love, excitement, emotions when the object is the person. When we talk about nature or our surroundings ... I like to shoot things I don't want to forget: a certain place, sunset, sunrise, flowers, light, special light, etc. But I would say that most of all, I love to shoot people, because there are so many things in Man - in his eyes, in his features, in his body language. All these things make me excited, enrich me.
I also take wedding photography, I started to like it too, because the love between people is inspiring and always will be.

Thank you for these questions!…

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