The tree awaits the sun all night. It does not sleep, it does not rest. Standing fast. When the first rays reach his leaves, he rejoices as a young child. Later in the day, these rays may seem harsh to him, but now, in the chill of morning, they come as a caress. A caress that turns his breathing from the ground up. From 9 hours in the morning to 6 in the evening it is at work, and during the rest of the time. Let's face it - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some consider him a workaholic. Others - that he is a slave to the city. Morning is usually only in the bustle. Observes a steady stream of passersby. He is so distracted by his adversity. By noon, one will pause under his shadow to write a quick essay, another to take something important out of his bag. A third may be held for longer while waiting for a fourth and then contact is possible. Two eyes fixed on his branches, and an involuntary smile.


When left alone, the pain is called again. These clogged hazelnuts itch it. They prevent him from breathing. The heat from above and below presses it like in a jug. The small soil around his stem is so dense and soiled that it does not miss the valuable oxygen, and he hardly manages to absorb the rainwater, which in turn hardly reaches the same little box called home. For these and other reasons, one of its roots is indecently raised. A pedestrian happened to stumble and swear. There have been many stories about this root.

At least with the Ordinary left and right understood: "Your roots and branches are here, mine are from here." At 6, every day, a saleswoman from a nearby store pours questionable liquid. She knows that the street will be lively soon. A boy and a girl will kiss, hidden in his arms. They may notice that it lacks several branches, and a tree sponge fits comfortably on its trunk. He would so unmistakably recall how he cut off the branches he loved so much.

The street lighting pole was his companion, but caused the first branch to be removed. Low growth impeded movement - the poor was too low, and the Baby withered as a result of the removal of others. It wasn't long before the mushroom appeared - the beginning of the end. The tree knows a lot about the spiral of death. The Regulars share their daily development of their spirals. The most miserable of the street trees are "rejuvenated". There is simply no hope for them. After sunset, some fears emerge, such as the fear of not taking over the space of the Tree of Self-growth.


Representatives of indigenous native species or invasives from faraway lands, Nurses are not part of the overall design of the Landscape Architecture project. And because they are not specifically selected, planned, agreed and approved, they hinder, but with the Regulars they are in a cross-species struggle. Wood is also afraid of rough treatment, sea salt, shading, street reconstruction, but most of all it is afraid of motor vehicles. The street tree monitors pedestrians and the back of the vehicle turns. He never looks at them. He works for the former, and the latter only hinder him from completing the tasks, more precisely they create them. It does not even know that the latter actually have anything to do with the former. And better. That would have puzzled and discouraged him.


To dispel bad thoughts, he recalls the bright days in the nursery, the day of his choice, and the accomplished Contacts, comparable only to sunrise. The street tree is clearly aware of its mission. He knows who raised it, planted it and why. It knows the place in the literal sense - between telephone cables (under the sidewalk) and heat pipes (below the lane), in the immediate vicinity of the rig, at least four meters from the street lighting pillars. He has been given a narrow box, he has high hopes. Let's look into the day-to-day work of the Tree - biological processes that lead to the results (hopes) listed below.


photosynthesis ⇒ Carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen release


phytoncidal activity Бак air purification from bacteria


Evaporation ⇒ increase in air humidity and temperature control


conception and root feeding ⇒ reducing the outflow to the sewer network


retention of PM Стване air purification from fine dust particles


visual presence Яване Enriching the environment and awakening the senses

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