Rupert Sanders' new film has generated a lot of commentary over Scarlett Johansson's involvement in a traditional Japanese manga series. But given the director, as well as some of the other actors, this is hardly going to be such a big deal for those who are expecting this film at the very end of March 2017. it turns out to be difficult among Japanese actresses. As if only Johansson could justify the lack of tradition in Japanese comics. As far as we know, from recent and super successful productions such as Avengers, Captain America, Under the Skin, Lucy and many more, this is unlikely to leave many people missing the movie. However, the choice of actors was not commented on by the manga writer Masamune Shirou, which is a slight protest against Hollywood production. 

Following the release of the first 1995 movie, directed by Mamouri Oshi and a few more cult manga films, Steven Spielberg (Dreamworks Pictures) and Paramount Pictures introduced the trailer for the new movie in Tokyo. Fantastic Cyberpunk tells the story of Major Motoko Kusanagi (played by Scarlett Johansson), briefly referred to as "The Major." It leads the elite special services ("9 Division") against the most dangerous cyber extremists, who aim to take control of cyber technology from technology giant Hanka Robotic. It is the only hybrid between human and robot that is able to stop the hackers' hacking attacks, which later the 9 team understands to be artificial intelligence.

Also participating: Takeshi Kitano, such as Daisuke Aramaki; Juliette Binoche, as "Dr. Olet"; Michael Pitt, as Kuze; Pilu Asbek, such as Batu et al.

Director: Rupert Sanders

Manga: "Spirit in Armor "/ by Mosamune Shirou

Music: Clint Mansel

Genre: Action, drama, sci-fi, thriller

Despite the mixed comments after the trailer aired, the movie is already a fact, and everyone behind it will get a rating right after March 31, 2017.

This movie is not recommended for children under 12 years.

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