photo: Camilla Ferrari

Home - the place that gives stability and resilience to each individual. That special space that we dream of and fight for, because among other things, it is a symbol of security and success. Even if we don't realize it, the home plays a major role in building us as individuals. From an early age, he actively participates in creating a sense of comfort and security, which are important for the child and thanks to them one day he becomes a resilient and confident person.


Home is the personal space with which we identify, which separates us from the public world and gives us the freedom to be ourselves, removing masks for all the roles that society forces us to play. Until the masks became too literal, and the need for security protection - vital.

photo: Camilla Ferrari

During the forced quarantine under which almost the whole world was placed due to the Kovid pandemic, the home became even more important and became the only safe place from the insidious virus. Especially in heavily affected regions such as Lombardy, Italy, the home has become a symbol of salvation. However, staying at home for a long time, the feeling of security is replaced by a number of other states and feelings such as: deep, all-encompassing loneliness due to long isolation and lack of contact, depression, anxiety, fear for one's own life and that of loved ones, doom, loss of meaning, faith, feelings of futility, helplessness, suicidal thoughts, etc. Thus, gradually from a place of comfort and security, for many people the home became a prison or a tomb for the living.


photo: Camilla Ferrari

Italy was one of the most affected by Kovid-19 countries at the start of the pandemic. Being an artist at that time in Italy is extremely difficult, if not impossible. As a photographer and lecturer in Milan, Camilla Ferrari (28) was forced to stop working and stay at home for months without the opportunity to create. But an artist cannot simply stop creating, just as one cannot stop breathing for a while and then continue again. Left alone with her thoughts, Camilla begins to make sense of the projection given by the four walls of her home, and soon ordinary scenes and events from everyday life take on a whole new meaning. Thus was born the photographic project "Poetry at Home".

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"I began to notice how the passage of time and the change in light can create moments of true magic and surrealism. I felt the urge to follow the present moment, even to enjoy it, and I even stopped counting the days. I thought about the psychological effects of closure and how they affect not only how we perceive the photos from home, but also how affected I was while taking them. The rediscovered meaning of the smile and the banal things have become a means of creating a parallel space with unlimited possibilities, where I can wander without even moving. 

Camilla Ferrari's photographs are extremely insightful and give a whole new vision of the home, forcing us to rethink the interior and exterior space in a way we have never imagined before. Camilla managed to capture in her photos not only the frozen home with the objects and furniture that fill it, but also the spirit of the home and the conditions that the inmates go through inside.

photo: Camilla Ferrari

The works of the Italian photographer combine different styles of photography, often including vertically inverted photographs with a focus on the emotional and physical connection between people and the world around them. The photos totally change the idea of ​​everyday life, turning it into a kind of poetry. Her photographs and videos have been published in National Geographic, The New York Times, NPR, US News, 6Mois, D-La Repubblica and InsideOver, among others. Camilla often works in the field of advertising, mind collaboration with Lamborghini, Apple and Sony Music.

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