A new documentary, about actress Audrey Hepburn, will be released on November 30 this year. This is not the first and probably not the last film made for her, as her charming personality continues to arouse strong interest today. The style and behavior that Audrey demonstrates in the interviews and films in which she plays are an example for thousands of young girls to follow. Her exceptional talent and good heart inspire in a way that is difficult to explain.


However, this film is very different from the others. In the production of Salon Pictures and Universal interviews with the real voices of Audrey's relatives and friends are included, including the voice of her son Sean, as well as previously unpublished photos of her. Directed by Helena Coan, she proved herself as a professional with her first short film, for which she was nominated for Best Screenplay at the Underwire Film Festival.


The film, entitled "Audrey", examines the part of the actress' life that is least known to the general public. It ranged from the early years of her childhood, through her upbringing in the Netherlands, to her incredible success in Hollywood and her work in UNICEF. Cohen presents Audrey's life in the spotlight in parallel, as well as that beyond the glare of her public image. Special attention is required to the conversation with the British fashion stylist and designer Claire Waite Keller (Clare Waight Keller)on Hepburn 's professional and personal relations with Hubert de Givenchy (Huber de Givenchy), whose fashion accessories she wears and literally becomes his muse.


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The most interesting thing about the film and what sets it apart from other documentaries is the part that reveals Audrey's love for classical ballet. Her childhood dream is to become a ballerina. Instead, however, she immerses herself in show business, gaining world fame, but in her heart forever remains the emptiness of an unfulfilled dream. Her talent as a dancer stands out in movies like "Funny face", where she has a great partnership with Fred Astaire and there is no indication that she did not dance professionally. However, this part of Audrey's life remains in the shadows. It is for this reason that Helena Cohan decides to pay tribute to her passion for dance in this film. She even partnered with the choreographer of the Royal Ballet in London - Wayne McGregor to create a series of dances to describe the various stages of the actress' life. Ballerina Keira Moore was cast as the young Audrey, and her Hollywood era was recreated by Francesca Hayward.


"We took a step forward by working with choreographer Wayne McGregor," Cohen said. "The dance enhances Audrey's emotional landscape and brings a sense of drama and theater to the film with its rich visual language, which has not been used in documentary cinema so far."


The film will be available for download online on November 30. The platform through which this can be done has not yet been revealed. And here is the trailer for the movie:

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