Being good is power. The magical rhythm of nature, and the relationship of the genus with it, is spoken of in every fairy tale and legend. For us, kindness and this rhythm are the basis of the definition of Virtue. You are helping a good cause to continue to exist and develop.


Bulgarka is an online magazine for all Bulgarians in the world and in our country. Our ideology is inspired by the desire to promote positive information about events and people engaged in motivational, cultural and innovative activity that unlocks the desire for development and connection.


Your support makes you part of a special group whose mission is to help and promote Bulgarian spirituality in a way that builds a more fulfilling and healthy society. 


Virtue can be any person, company or organization. 

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Why be a virtue?

→ More support means more inspired and positive people.


→ More conversations, analyzes, reviews and presentation of the cultural life in Bulgaria and around the world.


→ More good advice on health, nature, where to go and how to achieve our goals.


→ You support the maintenance of the site, the work of the authors and the opportunity to reach more of you.


What can we achieve together?


  You help to preserve the Bulgarian reality without restraints, conspiracies and censorship.


 You are reminded of important environmental issues. In the desire to ensure a bright future for our children, we must be responsible consumers. Make the right choices for products and solutions every day.  


→ You help to preserve the Bulgarian way of life and culture.  


→ Send us a brief description of the activity you perform or the organization you represent.


→ In a few sentences, tell us why you want to get involved and what you would like to contribute. 


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We build our reality every day and every minute. We put the seeds in the ground and plant a garden. This garden of ours is full of quality non-burdensome information and the presentation of articles, analyzes, interviews, cleared of advertisements and other distractions is a priority for us. "Bulgarka" is an independent project and all the texts reach its audience for free.

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