French Institute, Slaveykov Square 3

George Kaplan is a three-part play with numerous storylines. This is a play about the political significance of myths and narratives, about the influence of Hollywood on the perception we have of world geopolitics, of Alfred Hitchcock's involvement in an international conspiracy, of a hen that can save humanity and a name that can change the world. . Frederick Sontag plays with conspiracy theories in his own fascinating and resourceful way. George Kaplan is an intellectual pastime that makes us think about the way the modern world works. During and after the play, the viewer asks the questions: What is truth? Who is manipulating us and for what purpose? And who or what exactly is George Kaplan?

Dimitar Uzunov - translation and directing
Nikola Nalbantov - video environment and costumes
Alexey Nikolov - music
Elena Gamalova / Nikola Nalbantov - visual identity
Seraphim Bidenev - lighting
Bogdana Kotareva - subtitles
Alexandrina Jasem - PR
Ralitsa Asenova - assistant
Dobrin Andreev - technician

Participants: Ekaterina Georgieva, Eva Danailova, Zhivko Dzhuranov, Nathan Cooper, Dimitar Zahariev
Black comedy, 85 min.
Tickets: BGN 8 - pre-sale ; 12 BGN - on the spot before the performance.

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